10 Best 2022 Summer Hair Trends To Inspire Your Next Look

26 July 2022 | Hairstyles

Whether you’re jetting off this summer or simply want to spice up your locks for the new season, you must get to know these 2022 summer hair trends.

From sunkissed colours to on-trend cuts, we’ve got you covered with this summer’s hair trends that’ll make you dream of sinking down mojitos on a sunlounger in Spain. 


Try These 2022 Summer Hair Trends


  1. Mixie Haircut

The mixie brings you the best of both worlds when it comes to the mullet and the pixie. It takes the ‘party in the back’ from the mullet, and the short bangs from the pixie.

Think wispy and effortless with a little edge along with a nod to the 70s. This summer 2022 hair trend is perfect if you want to look fierce and fiery for the hot weather. And of course, you avoid a long mass of hair sitting on the back of your neck in the heat. If you know, you know…

Since the mixie is a new trend, ask your stylist for a wispy, 70s style fringe with a shorter mullet towards the back.


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  1. Caramel Blonde

This summer’s hair trends are all about those beachy, golden tones. And caramel blonde certainly doesn’t miss the mark.

Warm hues that sit between blonde and brown make up this summer colour. Caramel blonde is quite literally the colour of caramel if you’re struggling to picture this.

There are a couple of ways to achieve caramel blonde. If you love your colour to run through your roots to your ends, definitely opt for some golden highlights. Or, if you want a more low-maintenance style with serious dimension, a balayage is for you. 


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  1. Wolf Cut

As you may notice with this next 2022 summer hair trend, we’re blending haircuts together to create new styles – and we’re totally here for it. The wolf cut is a modern mix of the mullet and the shag.

This cut has been trending all year round, but it’s perfect for summer since it adds airy, voluminous layers throughout the head. The face-framing pieces complete the look, creating some gorgeous movement that just screams summer.

Just ask for tapered layers throughout the hair, with your choice of fringe. Anything from curtain bangs and baby bangs to a full on texturised front fringe look incredible with this haircut.


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  1. Sunkissed Balayage

Forget this year’s summer hair trends; a sunkissed balayage is a classic seasonal colour that you can rep every single summer.

When it comes to the sunkissed balayage, natural hues are key. The hand-painted lighter strands will make it appear as though you’ve been sitting in the sunshine for the perfect beachy look.

Elevate this colour with some face-framing pieces to complement your tan and accentuate your features.


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  1. Mid-Length Bob

Another cut to keep you feeling cool this summer is the mid-length bob. This short style sits anywhere between the shoulders and the collarbone with straight, blunt ends.

A mid-length bob is ideal for those who want to keep things classy and elegant this season, although if you want to add some extra summer vibes, opt for choppy, textured ends and style with some loose waves.


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  1. Long 90s Layers

We’ve had a few blasts from the past so far, but this 90s haircut is truly taking over as one of the biggest 2022 summer hair trends.

We only have to mention Rachel from Friends to help you visualise this cut. Think long, sweeping layers and plenty of face-framing pieces with a rounded finish.

As this 90s cut experiences a second wave in 2022, you’ll be looking glamorous as you listen to the waves and soak up some rays on the beach.


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  1. Sandy Copper

Sandy and copper might not be words that you would put together. But in fact, they complement each other beautifully.

Copper is usually seen as a more A/W colour since it incorporates red and bronze hues. However, when you add those delightful beige tones, this shade of copper oozes summer vibes.

You can achieve this summer trend with an all-over tint to achieve the copper colours, paired with some babylights to add some sandy dimension through your locks.


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  1. Pastel Pink

Enough with the natural colours! If you’re feeling something different, why not add some soft, muted tones to your locks in the form of pastel pink?

Pastel pink is the epitome of summer when it comes to coloured hair. It’s a moderate yellowish mid-toned pink hue, making it great for those who want to add colour without it being too ‘in your face’.

Since this is a light colour, you will need to bleach the hair before the colour can be applied. You might choose to have the colour all over or opt for an ombre to have the tones going through your ends.


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  1. Buttery Blonde

Blondes really are having fun this summer, especially buttery blondes! This next blonde shade is a mixture of warm and cool hues, meaning it is full to the brim with dimension.

It gives your hair a healthy, summery finish. And since it features a variety of undertones, it will suit just about anyone.

Buttery blonde is best achieved with highlights in order to bring out those alternating hues.


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  1. Curtain Bangs

Finally, our last 2022 summer hair trend is a low-maintenance take on the fringe: curtain bangs. 

These bangs sweep across the perimeters of your face, instantly adding texture and volume to accentuate your features. If you like to take your hair up into a ponytail or bun on a hot day, these face-framing pieces will add some extra style to your look.

The best part is, curtain bangs can be added to any haircut. Whether you have a blunt bob or long layers, curtain bangs can elevate your cut for summer.


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Summary: 2022 Summer Hair Trends

  1. Mixie Haircut
  2. Caramel Blonde
  3. Wolf Cut
  4. Sunkissed Balayage
  5. Mid-Length Bob
  6. Long 90s Layers
  7. Sandy Copper
  8. Pastel Pink
  9. Buttery Blonde
  10. Curtain Bangs


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