7 Hair Colour Styles for Men That Are Trending Now

18 November 2021 | Tincture and Colour

Changing your hair colour can be exciting; don’t leave all the fun to women. Your hair colour reflects your personality and style, so why not switch it up with a new, on-trend hair colour?

If you’re struggling to think of some ideas, we’ve broken down 7 hair colour styles for men below to help you out. 


Our Favourite On-Trend Hair Colour Styles For Men

  1. Make summer last longer with blonde highlights

Let’s be real, blonde highlights on men have always been trendy, with many men opting for this sunkissed look. The great thing about highlights is that they can be done on dark hair to lighten it up, or on blonde hair to add more texture and dimension. 

Whatever your starting point is, highlights are a fantastic option for men who want to add depth to their style, and bring summer into the cooler months. 

Highlights are an intricate technique, especially when it comes to shorter hair. So, it’s best to leave them to a professional. At the salon, your colourist will section your hair and carefully weave out pieces to bleach, whilst leaving some pieces alone. The end result is a seamless blonde colour with hints of your original hair colour for a natural finish. 

Man with blonde highlighted hair
  1. Get on trend with smoke grey

Looking for a smoking-hot hair colour? Why not try smoke grey? Jokes aside, that ashy, smokey grey is mature yet fashionable: the perfect balance for a men’s hair colour.

To achieve this look, your colourist will firstly bleach your hair as the foundation for this colour. Once your hair is a nice pale yellow, they’ll take a grey toner and apply it all over the hair. You can be flexible with this colour by going a subtle ash grey, or choosing a deep smoke grey. 


  1. Join the dark side with a black all over colour

Between you and us, dark hair is usually voted the most attractive hair colour on men. However, we firmly believe that you are your most attractive when you feel good in yourself, so take these kinds of polls with a very large pinch of salt.

So, if darker hair makes you feel good about yourself, then why not go all the way with a black shade? It’s becoming increasingly popular at the moment as it radiates this mysterious, masculine vibe.

You can achieve black hair at home, however if you want to read about why you shouldn’t use box dye on your hair, you can do so in our previous post. 

Man with dark coloured hair style
  1. Add a pop of colour with pastel shades

If you love a pop of colour, then we’re sorry we didn’t mention this colour trend sooner. People often assume that unnatural colours are vibrant and “in your face”, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Pastel colours are ideal for those who want a toned down colour.

The colour itself really depends on your personal preference, as you can make any colour pastel: pink, green, purple, blue…the list goes on. You could even add multiple colours to your look.  

For pastel colours, we lighten the hair with bleach so that the colour can be applied evenly on top. Trying to colour dark hair really is a waste of time – you won’t be able to see it! 


  1. Channel your inner Phil Foden with bleach blonde

If the memories of Euro 2020 are too upsetting for you, then you can just move on to the next hair colour style for men below. Since most of you are probably gone now, we won’t go too much into detail on this one; besides, you already know this famed colour.

If you have very dark natural hair, unfortunately it’s going to take a few bleaches to get to that perfect bleach blonde. Bleach is a no-go for at home colour, unless you’re planning on getting orange and yellow streaks through your hair. 

Man with bleach blonde colour hair
  1. Go back to the 90s with frosted tips

Do you remember the 90s? If so, this men’s hair colour won’t be new to you. After all these years, it’s creeping back into fashion. Though most people with taste might turn their nose up to them, frosted tips have been transformed into a much more modern, toned down look.

Now, frosted tips are blended seamlessly into the hair by colourists to create a smoother finish, opposed to the streaky spikes they used to be.


  1. Stand out with a vibrant blue colour

Finally, the last colour that has really piqued interest recently is vibrant blue hair. If you want to take the plunge and go for a bright, daring colour, then blue is your most on-trend option right now. 

There are plenty of blue shades to choose from to vamp up your look. Try navy for a darker option, or go bright and bold with peacock blue. 

If you want to try a vibrant hair colour like this but don’t want to commit, then try Redken Shades EQ. This is used in the salon, and is a demi-permanent colour that also makes your hair really shiny and soft.


Hair Colour Styles For Men at Tierney Salons

Did you discover a hair colour style that you want to go for? We’d love to make it happen for you here at Tierney Salons in Hertford. We are the men’s hairdressers you’ve been waiting for; we take the time to make you feel welcome and really listen to what you want done.

If we can help you out with a new hair colour, you can check out our services, or if you want to have a chat about what we can do for you, then contact us.