Our Top 8 Curly Hair Care Tips For Naturally Curly Hair

14 December 2021 | Curly Hair

Looking for curly hair care tips to keep your hair healthy and thriving? It can be a struggle to take care of curly hair at times, but we’re pleased to let you know that you’re in the right place.

With that said, here are our top curly hair care tips to freshen up your gorgeous locks.


  1. Wash your hair 1-2 times a week depending on your individual hair structure

Are you guilty of washing your hair 4 or even 5 times a week? Don’t even get us started if you wash your hair every single day (although we are impressed that you have the time).

No matter what your hair texture is, frequent washing removes the natural oils created by your scalp which are there to protect your hair and retain moisture. So, for curly hair, it’s even more important that you wash your hair less, as it needs all the moisture it can get.

We generally recommend washing with shampoo and conditioner 1-2 times a week if you have thick hair. However, if your hair is thinner, you may have to squeeze in another wash during the week. 

Don’t worry if you struggle with greasy roots at first – your hair will fall into a cycle of producing less oil as you continue to wash less. Luckily, dry shampoo is there to save you between washes too!


  1. Look out for “curly hair friendly” ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner

We’re sure you’ve already been subjected to false advertising when it comes to “curly hair” products. So, instead of just reading the name of the product, turn it over and look at the ingredients. Here are some natural ingredients that are great for curly hair:

  • Aloe
  • Argan oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Chamomile
  • Essential oils
  • Coconut oils

We highly recommend the Love Curl Shampoo by Davines to lock in moisture whilst giving your hair the elasticity and definition it needs.


  1. Use a clarifying shampoo every 2 weeks to remove product build-up

Do you ever wash your hair and it just seems to stay greasy? Or maybe you notice what appears to be dandruff on your scalp or roots?

This could actually just be product that has built up on your scalp over time, which can also make your hair greasy more quickly.

To remove this build up, try using a clarifying shampoo every 2 weeks. This will give you a clean base to carry on using your shampoo, conditioner and other products.


  1. It’s all about the moisture – use deep conditioners and oils

Did you know that curly hair is more prone to dryness than straight hair? This is because the natural oils your scalp produces can’t travel as easily down the hair, meaning your mid lengths and ends don’t always get the moisture they need.

So, how can you give your curly hair the moisture it craves? Firstly, upgrade to a deep conditioner once a week instead of your usual conditioner. We recommend the Love Curl Hair Mask by Davines, as it is rich in protein – another component needed for healthy curly hair.

You might prefer using a serum instead of a deep conditioner. These are leave-in, so if you’re lacking time then it’s perfect to give your hair the moisture it needs. Our favourite serum for curly hair is the Davines Curl Building Serum, which helps to enhance your curl pattern.

Once you have given your hair moisture, you can retain it with hair oils. Oils sit on the hair shaft and seal the moisture in your hair to make it last longer. You can use hair oils daily to give your hair an extra boost. We highly recommend the Davines OI Oil which prevents frizz on top of locking in that essential moisture.


  1. Sleep with a bonnet or head-scarf to wake up with beautiful in-tact curls

Where have you been hiding if you’ve not already heard about bonnets and head scarfs? If you experience frizziness and tangles in the mornings, these are about to change your life.

Whilst we toss and turn in our sleep, the friction between our hair and pillowcase cause frizziness, tangles and breakage. Unless your pillow case is silk, then it likely absorbs the moisture in your hair too. 

To prevent all of these hair tragesties, wear a silk bonnet to bed. Silk is super soft and smooth and will not cause any friction or absorb moisture. Our top tip is to detangle your hair before you sleep so you can spend less time in the bathroom when you’re getting ready in the morning!


  1. Try loose but stylish hairstyles to avoid breakage

Slick, tight buns and ponytails have been a recent hair trend, and whilst we’re sure you look stunning with these hairstyles, we recommend keeping them for nights out or special occasions.

This is because they can disrupt your natural curl pattern whilst causing a lot of breakage. Instead, opt for some looser hairstyles

If you have trouble getting your hair styling routine on point, read our recent blog on How to Style Naturally Curly Hair here.


  1. Go easy with the heat tools

As with any hair type, heat should be used scarcely and when you do use heat, always use a heat protectant. As mentioned, curly hair is more prone to dryness and breakage, so never forget to protect your hair!

One heat tool that you likely reach for a lot is a blow dryer. Although they make the drying process much faster, they can actually cause a lot of frizziness. Instead, try letting your hair dry naturally and watch your natural curl pattern shine through.

If you need to dry your hair in a hurry, use a diffuser attachment to limit the amount of heat that reaches your curls.


  1. Say goodbye to split ends with regular trims

Finally, curly hair requires frequent trims to get rid of those inevitable split ends. 

Although you can use hair products to add moisture and protect your ends, breakage will always occur eventually and unfortunately it happens a little quicker with curly hair. 

When you notice your ends starting to split, book an appointment with a professional hairdresser who knows their stuff about curly hair. If you leave it too long, the split will travel up the strand and eventually break off, causing your hair to thin.


Summary of curly hair care tips

  1. Wash your hair 1-2 times a week
  2. Look out for “curly hair friendly” ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner
  3. Use a clarifying shampoo every 2 weeks to remove product build-up
  4. Use deep conditioners and oils
  5. Sleep with a bonnet or head-scarf
  6. Try loose but stylish hairstyles
  7. Go easy with the heat tools
  8. Say goodbye to split ends with regular trims


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