8 Ways To Take Care of Your Hair In Summer At Home

15 August 2022 | Treatments

After a long day enjoying the sun, you might notice that your hair feels particularly dry. Or maybe you suffer from uncontrollable frizz. Let’s just say, our hair doesn’t enjoy the sun as much as we do.

So, here’s how to take care of your hair in the summer to ensure your locks stay on fleek all season long.


How does hot weather affect your hair?

Whether you’re jetting off or staying in the UK this summer, you’re bound to experience some heat. But how exactly does the hot weather affect your locks?

A combination of the heat along with the sun’s more intense UV rays can damage the hair’s cuticle. This is the outermost layer of the hair, which serves to protect the inner layers from damage (along with giving your hair some serious shine).

In the hot, humid weather, the cuticle often swells, which not only attracts humidity but also makes your hair vulnerable to breakage. If you do not protect your hair, the humidity will cause that forever dreaded frizz, leaving you with unmanageable hair all summer.


How to take care of your hair in summer

“I want frizzy, damaged hair this summer”, said no one ever! Let’s take a look at how to take care of your hair in the summer so you can have healthy, flawless hair for the entire season.


  1. Wash your hair more frequently

Woman washing hair in summer


Okay, hear us out – usually, we preach less frequent washing. Why? Every time you wash your hair, you strip your scalp of its natural oils, which are perfectly healthy for your hair. When you wash too often, your oil glands adjust to produce more oil, so you will actually experience much greasier hair.

However, in summer, your hair simply gets dirty faster. Think of all the sweat, sea salt, chlorine and hair products in your hair after a long summer’s day.

We highly recommend the Davines SU Hair and Body Wash to replenish your hair after a day of sun exposure. It is extremely gentle on the hair, which makes it great for more frequent washing, and you can even use it to wash your body – perfect to pack in your suitcase.


  1. Use a moisturising conditioner or hair mask

As mentioned, the humid weather causes the hair cuticle to open, meaning that your hair cannot retain moisture. Dry hair is an absolute no-go – you can’t flaunt brittle locks that are screaming for hydration.

To recharge your hair, make sure to use a moisturising conditioner every time you wash. If your hair is more prone to dryness (in other words, if your hair is curly or textured), then add some extra moisture using a hair mask.

When it comes to hair masks for the summer, you have to try the Davines SU Hair Mask. It is specially formulated to restore hydration in hair damaged by the sun, chlorine and sea salt.

If you’re local to Hertford, UK, head down to Tierney Salons where you can shop all of the Davines summer hair care products.


  1. Add UV protection before heading out

Putting on sun cream before you head out in the sun is second nature. But have you ever thought about protecting your hair from UV rays? Probably not!

Since UV rays can cause damage to your hair and ruin your cosmetic colour, if you’re wanting to flaunt your locks in the sun, it’s best to protect them using a UV spray. 

We highly recommend the Davines SU Milk, a sun-protecting leave-in hair spritz. It nourishes your hair without weighing it down, leaving it soft, light and combable; perfect for a sunny day. 


  1. Lock away your hot tools

Hair dryer and straighteners


Put your hands in the air, and slowly step away from the hot tools. You’re under arrest on suspicion of using heat on your hair when it’s already unbearably hot outside!

But, on a serious note, do you really need to blow dry your hair in this weather? Instead, let your hair air dry –  you’ll be surprised how quickly it dries in this heat. Plus, it will be silky soft and super shiny (thank us later).

And if you insist on using styling tools, always use a heat protectant to keep your hair damage-free.


  1. Saturate your hair before taking a swim

If you’ve recently had your hair coloured, the thought of jumping into a chlorine-filled pool may send shivers down your spine. “Won’t my hair turn green?”, we hear you cry. 

Yes, your hair might turn a funky colour if you don’t follow this next step. But even if you don’t have coloured hair, salt water and pool chemicals can be seriously drying on the hair when absorbed.

To prevent either of these things, saturate your hair with clean water before you dive in. You could also use a leave-in conditioner. 


  1. Wear damage-free hairstyles

When it comes to taking care of your hair during summer, keep your locks up and away from your sweaty neck. Wearing a hairstyle that protects your hair from damage will help keep your hair in prime condition by minimising sun exposure.

These include everything from dutch braids to low buns. See our full list of healthy hairstyles here.


  1. Cover up with hair bandanas and hats

Woman wearing a sun hat and eating watermelon in summer


If you don’t fancy re-applying UV protection to your hair all day, there are some easy ways to cover it up whilst looking sleek and stylish. 

Anything from a silky hair bandana to a chic sun-hat will protect your hair from the heat. Plus, your scalp will retain more moisture, ensuring that your hair doesn’t dry out.

  1. Never skip your summer trims

Finally, although we always preach regular hair trims, keeping those split-ends at bay will be essential for your summer hair care routine. 

You can check out our summer hair trends here to inspire your next haircut.


Care for your hair this summer at Tierney Salons, UK

Does your hair need some extra TLC this summer? We’ve got you covered.

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