Bangs vs Fringes: What’s The Difference?

8 July 2021 | Uncategorised

You might have been sat in the salon and heard one person ask for bangs, and another ask for a fringe. And since you’ve come to this article, we’re assuming you’re confused. 

So what’s the difference between bangs and a fringe? We’ve got your answers, along with some bangs and fringe trends that might tempt you to try one for yourself.


Bangs vs Fringe: What’s The Main Difference?

So, the big question you’re seeking answers to. What actually is the difference between bangs and a fringe? The main difference between bangs and fringes is that the terms are typically used in various places across the world. ‘Bangs’ is a very American term, whereas everywhere else tends to use ‘fringe’. That being said, you’ll probably hear ‘bangs’ being used across the UK, and you can thank American YouTubers for that! But just remember that it means exactly the same thing.

To clarify further, bangs and fringes both refer to strands of hair that fall over the forehead. They can be of various lengths and shapes, from side-swept bangs to blunt-cut fringes.


Fringe and Bangs Trends To Try 

Wispy Bangs

Unlike a full, typical fringe, wispy bangs are very soft and textured. With this popular style, you’ll have very fine strands of hair falling onto your forehead. Overall, this is a very subtle yet stylish look which will look best on those with longer face shapes. 

Woman with wispy bangs

(Source: @fatherkels)


Curtain Bangs

You might have already heard of curtain bangs since they have become one of the most popular types of fringe this year. Curtain bangs are usually longer strands of hair that fall on either side of your face. They create these effortless face-framing pieces that suit just about everyone, so if you’re looking for a safe option, definitely give curtain bangs a go!

Blonde girl with curtain bangs

(Source: Pinterest)


Choppy Fringe

Moving onto the fuller fringes now, a choppy fringe is just as the name suggests. This fringe covers the forehead, however, it has a much more textured look than a classic fringe. To create a choppy fringe, we vary the lengths of hair to create that really voluminous, defined finish. 

Woman with choppy fringe

(Source: @taylu_me)


Blunt Bangs

A blunt fringe is a classic look, as we’ll be honest, not everyone can pull one off. This style consists of a thick, full fringe which is cut in a blunt, straight line across the forehead (think Taylor Swift). If you have a long or oval shaped face, then this style would actually be really flattering on you, so why not try out this classic look?

Woman with blunt fringe


Side Fringe

Before you start getting flashbacks to your “emo phase” in the 2000s, here us out. A side-swept fringe can still be super stylish in 2021 if you like to wear your hair in a side part. Gone are the days of really thick, layered side bangs! Instead, ask for your side fringe to be on the wispier side to get a chic, modern finish. 

Woman with side swept bangs

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