Chestnut Charm: Embracing the Riches of the Chestnut Hair Trend

6 November 2023 | Tincture and Colour

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In the world of hair colour trends, chestnut hair is a timeless choice that never goes out of style. With its earthy tones and flexibility, chestnut hair can effortlessly transform your look. Let’s discover why it’s a trend worth exploring.

What Is Chestnut Hair?

Chestnut hair boasts a rich, reddish-brown colour reminiscent of the humble chestnut nut. It’s not quite deep brown, nor simply warm auburn – it’s that delightful middle ground, a natural hair colour that’s “just right” for brunettes. It’s a colour that complements many people, making it a popular option.

Why Choose Chestnut?

Flattering for All Seasons

Chestnut hair is like a seasonal chameleon. In the warmer months, it can catch the sunlight, creating an array of shades that dance in the light. During the colder weather, the richness and depth of chestnut hair is just perfect. Think of it as your all-weather wardrobe for hair – versatile, stylish, and always in season!

Low Maintenance

But what about keeping chestnut hair in check? No worries! The upkeep of chestnut hair..chestnut hair is relatively low maintenance compared to some other hair colours. It blends well with your natural hair growth and gracefully fades, often enhancing your overall look. 

So, if your priority is looking fabulous without dedicating your life to hair upkeep, chestnut is a great choice.

chestnut hair

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Can You Experiment with Chestnut?

Chestnut hair is like a treasure chest of colours, ranging from deep, rich tones to lighter, sunlit shades. It’s a colour spectrum that suits everyone’s taste, offering the ideal option for any style or mood. 

Here are some options:

Black with Chestnut

chestnut hair

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If you’re contemplating a shift to dark brown without going completely black, try a captivating mix of black with chestnut. It offers a seamless way to have a darker base while adding depth and dimension through chestnut undertones. 

Brown Amber: Elevating the Classic Chestnut

chestnut hair

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Chestnut hair is timeless, and colorists keep it exciting with fresh variations like the enticing brown amber. This modern twist mixes chocolate, gold, and warm brown auburn tones with brunette for the beautiful brown amber shade. 

Subtle Chestnut: 

chestnut hair

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For lifelong brunettes considering a touch of chestnut in their hair, the prospect can initially seem daunting. Introducing subtle pops of chestnut is a low-key way to experiment with this colour. You could even try face framing highlights for an extra step.

During your salon visit, consult a skilled colorist for subtle light brown chestnut highlights expertly woven into your brunette locks. This way, you ease into the chestnut tones gradually, keeping a familiar brunette base without feeling overwhelmed.

How do you care for chestnut hair colour?

After getting your fabulous colour result, you might be wondering about maintenance. Caring for chestnut hair is simple, but it needs gentle care to keep it at its best.

Imagine your hair saying, “TLC, please!” To start, begin using sulphate-free, colour-safe hair products, treating your hair with the kindness it deserves. Washing your hair only 2-3 times a week helps your enchanting chestnut shade retain its natural oils. Regular deep conditioning is essential to maintain the strength of your hair.

Additionally, protect your chestnut hair by avoiding heat styling and sun exposure. Use UV protection products to maintain your hair’s health. You can also help your strands by minimising chemical treatments to let your hair breathe and shine naturally.

When in doubt, consult your stylist for personalised advice and touch-ups for your hair to remain vibrant and eye-catching.

Embracing Chestnut Brown Shades at Tierney Salons: Finding Your Perfect Look

So now we’ve got you excited about the idea of trying out a rich chestnut hair colour, you might be thinking, hold up, will this even suit me?

At Tierney Salons, our experts will tailor chestnut brown hues to enhance your unique features. Whether you want chestnut brown highlights or to colour your full head, we’re eager to make your hair dreams come true. 

We excel in chestnut brown hair, making us the top choice in Hertfordshire. Schedule your appointment with us today, or don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any inquiries. Your beautiful chestnut brown journey awaits!