Could Bronde Hair Be Your New Summer Look?

20 June 2024 | Hairstyles

Ah, summer! A time for picnics, sun-kissed selfies, and yes, panicking that your winter locks aren’t going to cut it in the heat. If you’re thinking about a hair transformation that says both ‘sunshine’ and ‘style’, allow us to introduce you to your new best friend: bronde hair. 

Not blonde, not brunette, but a glamourous hybrid that could just be the answer to your seasonal hair dilemma.

What is Bronde Hair?

Before we dive into the shimmering pool of bronde hair colour possibilities, let’s tackle the basics: what is bronde hair? Imagine if blonde and brunette had a baby. Now, imagine that baby grew up to be the most effortlessly chic person at every pool party. That’s bronde. 

It’s a stunning blend of brown and blonde, artfully combining warm browns with subtle blonde highlights to create both dimension and depth.

Why Go Bronde?

Here are just a few things that the team at Tierney Salons Hertford love about the bronde hair colour:

  • Versatility: bronde hair isn’t just a colour; it’s a spectrum. From deep caramel hues to golden highlights, it can be customised to complement any skin tone. This means that no matter your base colour, there’s a bronde out there with your name on it.
  • Low maintenance: let’s be honest, no one wants to spend half of the summer sitting in a salon – even when that salon is as friendly and stylish as Tierney’s! Bronde hair is perfect for those who want to look fabulous without the fuss. It grows out beautifully without harsh roots, making your transition between salon visits as smooth as your new colour.
  • Sun-kissed vibes: Bronde hair looks like you’ve spent your days basking in the sun, even if the reality is you’ve been binge-watching your favourite series indoors. It’s the perfect illusion of a summer well-spent.

Achieving The Perfect Shade Of Bronde

So how do you achieve Insta-worthy bronde hair? Here are some tips:

  • Find a skilled colourist who is an expert in the technique of balayage: this isn’t a DIY dye job. The magic of bronde lies in the blend, and you want a stylist who can paint your locks like Picasso. 
  • Bring bronde hair inspo: thanks to the internet, you’re only a few clicks away from thousands of bronde inspiration images. Arm yourself with photos when you visit your stylist. Showing is better than telling, especially in the language of hair.
  • Consider your base colour: the best bronde look will work with your natural or current hair colour. This not only produces a more natural result, but also cuts down on the upkeep.  

Bronde Hair Inspo

Need some real-life examples? Think of Blake Lively, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Gisele Bündchen. They’ve all rocked bronde hair and looked absolutely effortless doing it. Each showcases a slightly different variation of bronde, proving just how adaptable this colour really is. 

And of course, the fab thing about bronde hair is that it’s not one-size-fits-all and you can really make the colour your own. For example, going lighter or darker, or playing around with bronde balayage with face framing to highlight your features.

Care and Maintenance

While a bronde hair colour is lower maintenance than a full head of blonde, it doesn’t mean it requires no care at all. Protect your new hue by:

  • Using a colour-safe shampoo: these are less harsh and help preserve your colour longer. Try Davines’ ALCHEMIC Shampoo Tobacco which intensifies and illuminates natural or coloured lighter brunette shades.
  • Avoiding excessive heat styling: too much heat can fade your bronde beauty. Go au natural without heat stying, or use a heat protector. MELU Hair Shield by Davines is a great choice for all hair types.
  • Booking in for a regular trim: make sure your ends are as fresh as your colour. Regular trims at our Hertford hair salon help avoid split ends that can make even the most fabulous bronde colour look drab.

Go Bronde at Tierney Salons Hertford

So, could bronde hair be your latest look? Absolutely! It’s stylish, practical, and a fabulous way to freshen up your locks without commitment to extreme colour changes. 

Whether you’re a blonde looking to go darker or a brunette wanting to brighten, bronde offers the perfect middle ground. 

At Tierney Salons, we’re experts in both hair colouring and balayage, so whether you’re looking for some bronde hair inspo or you’re ready to go bronde, like yesterday, pop into our hair salon in Hertford or book your appointment today.