Why You Need To Try Davines Hair Care Products

29 April 2021 | Treatments

Sustainability is on it’s way to Tierney Salons! We are beyond excited to be adding the Davines product line to our salon. But what makes Davines so spectacular? Here’s why we think you’ll love Davines as much as we do.

Davines Hair Care Treatment Tierney Salons


What is Davines?

If you don’t know Davines just yet, it’s time you get to know them! Davines was founded in Parma, Italy, and provides high-end hair care products. But what makes them such a special brand is that they believe in being sustainable across all aspects of their business. All whilst helping you achieve beautiful hair. 


Davines use the term ‘sustainable beauty’, which perfectly captures what they stand for. They encourage people to take care of themselves, the environment, and all things they love. What’s not to love?


How is Davines Sustainable?

Davines have developed a range of wide-scale projects which all help to save the environment. They aim to contribute to the UN’s achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. To put it simply, Davines work to reduce, and compensate for their carbon footprint. 


One way they do this is by planting trees to offset carbon emissions. Parts of Ethiopia are at risk from desertification. With the project ‘EthioTrees’ Davines are planting trees to help local farmers and the natural environment.


This is just one of their incredible projects, but we are so delighted to be supporting a brand with such a positive impact on the planet.


Is Davines Natural?

All Davines products are formulated with naturally derived ingredients when suitable and available, and are sourced from organic farms. However, some products are mixed with synthetic ingredients to guarantee safety and give your hair the absolute best results. 


Afterall, not all synthetic ingredients are harsh on your hair. We will always take the option to make your hair flawless, every single time!


Is Davines Vegan?

Though no ingredients are sourced from methods which cause any harm to animals, some products contain keratin, royal jelly and beeswax, and are therefore not vegan. Davines are always transparent, so the ingredients for every single product are always listed for your peace of mind.


Is Davines Tested on Animals?

Are you convinced yet about why Davines is just so amazing? Davines strongly believe in animal well-being, so all of their products are entirely cruelty free. 


Some companies outsource their testing to other companies to avoid being associated with animal testing – but all Davines products are ‘people-tested’. Just another reason why we are so excited to be using their product line! 


Can Davines Be Used on All Hair Types?

Davines ticks all the boxes for being sustainable products that work wonders, but is Davines curly girl approved? The answer is of course yes! Davines hair care products are suitable for all hair types, and there are even product ranges devoted to curly and textured hair.


Whether you need to fight frizz, add texture, or bind curls, our extensive Davines collection means you’re sure to find something exclusively for you


Introducing Davines – Now Available at Tierney Salons!

We are excited to announce that Davines will be available in Tierney Salons. So if you are looking for Davines products in Hertford, you can find them at our salon!


We will be offering the OI, Essential, and other fabulous ranges. So if you are looking for a sustainable option to having amazing hair, book an appointment here. And, as always, please contact us if you have any questions.