Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Butterfly Haircut

19 December 2022 | Hairstyles

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok lately and you have even a passing interest in hair and hair trends, you may well have stumbled (or should we say, fluttered?) across the butterfly haircut.

But what is the butterfly haircut – and will it suit you?


What is the Butterfly Haircut?  

We know, we know. It can feel like hair trends come and go every couple of weeks, but the thing we like about the butterfly haircut is its versatility. Quite simply, it’s a layered haircut that mimics the wings of a butterfly.

Okay, let’s dial it back a notch. The wings of a butterfly? A haircut?

It sounds a little out there, right? But actually, the butterfly haircut might just be a little more wearable and a little less whimsical than the name suggests.

It involves a whole lot of long and short feathery layers, the shortest of which frame the face and add insane volume. The longer layers fall below the shoulders and create the illusion of length, all whilst coming together to give you total 90s vibes.

Matilda Djerf with blonde butterfly haircut

(Image Source: Pinterest)


Why Should You Get the Butterfly Haircut?

The butterfly haircut is a great choice for anyone that has long hair and who likes the idea of going shorter but is reluctant to lose their length.

Because the cut is heavily layered with top layers that are a lot shorter than the bottom layers it’s the perfect ‘do if you want to keep your length whilst adding incredible movement and volume to your hair without too much commitment

Don’t let the idea of these shorter layers scare you either – the look is versatile and lets you play around with it to create the look of different lengths. 

If you’re someone that likes switching things up when it comes to your hairstyle, we say give the butterfly haircut a try!

Sunnie Brook, the hairstylist who created the butterfly haircut, states that:

“The shortest top layer falls about two to three inches below your chin…so that the top layer can be separated from the bottom and easily pinned under to look like a short haircut.”


Is The Butterfly Haircut Right For You?

The butterfly haircut works with all hair types, though natural, curly and wavy textures tend to work best due to the defined, layered nature of the style.

However, when it comes to thin hair, you might want to steer away from this cut. Adding lots of layers to already thin hair can make it appear even thinner. 

Butterfly haircut on dark brown hair

(Image Source: Pinterest)


How To Style The Butterfly Haircut

The beauty of the butterfly haircut is that it’s pretty low maintenance. It works with your hair texture to give you that “effortless” look.

However, if you do find yourself wanting to style it (because hey, you can NEVER have too much volume) then we recommend using a good hair mousse to add some extra oomph.

We absolutely love the Davines Volume Boosting Mousse. It adds airy volume to any hair type – perfect to dress up your butterfly layers!


Get the Butterfly Haircut at Tierney Salons Hertford UK

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