How To Disguise Grey Hair With Highlights

31 August 2023 | Hairstyles

We’re guessing that as you’ve clicked on this blog post you’re looking for info either on how to disguise grey hair with highlights or you want to know how to transition to grey hair with highlights. But is there a difference between disguising and transitioning? Yes, there is, and we’re going to explore both. 

If you want to disguise those white/grey strands of yours, you’re looking for a way to hide them. However, if you’re thinking of transitioning to grey, you’re after a way of gradually making the move from your current hair colour to embrace your newer, silver locks.


How Do I Disguise My Grey Hair With Highlights?

First of all, in time-honoured Tierney blog post fashion, let’s start with the science and look at why hair turns grey.

Ageing is a fact of life and as we grow older, not only do we start to notice the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but also the tendency for our hair to become silver, grey or white. This is caused by the melanin pigment cells in our hair follicles slowly dying. 

Melanin being, of course, the factor that determines the colour of your hair (and skin). The darker your hair, the more melanin it contains. The lighter your hair, the less melanin you have. It stands to reason, therefore, that as these cells die, your hair contains less melanin and becomes lighter and more transparent.

Feeling old all of a sudden?! Don’t despair because if tweezers are no longer a viable option as there’s simply too much grey to pluck, there are a number of things you can do to hide grey hair. For example, you can:

  • Talk to your hairdresser about covering up grey by colouring your hair. This could be to a shade similar to your original colour or if you feel like embracing a whole new you, opting for something completely different.
  • If your hair is only grey in places (usually around the temples) try styling your hair differently to hide the grey. For example, you may just need to change your parting from the centre to the side or vice versa. If your hair has a natural parting and is a little resistant to change, use a styling product such as Davines’ This is a Medium Hold Pliable Paste that maintains the natural shine of your hair while keeping your parting in place.

If the idea of disguising your grey hair with colour appeals, we should warn you that as your grey hair is most likely to be at your roots, this means it will make a reappearance fairly quickly. And of course, the darker your hair colour, the more obvious grey regrowth will be. 

Therefore, you may want to discuss going for a lighter shade with your colourist as grey roots are less in your face when they’re blended in with blonde hair.  

And this is where disguising grey hair with highlights comes in. When you transition by blending grey hair with highlights and lowlights not only is regrowth less obvious, but it’s also a more low-maintenance solution than going for a full head of block colour. This is because it requires less frequent touch-ups and therefore lasts for longer between appointments. 

And lord knows we love us some low-maintenance hair colour hacks!


How To Transition To Grey Hair With Highlights

Both highlights and lowlights are great for blending your existing hair colour with your grey more subtly. Added bonus: high- and lowlights also give your hair a healthy shine, which is something that coarser, pigment-free hair can lack.

So how do you know which to choose when you’re considering transition blending grey hair with highlights or lowlights? What’s the difference and which is best for you?

Highlights are, as the name suggests, a couple of shades lighter than your natural hair colour, whereas lowlights are a couple of shades darker. This means that lowlights generally create a slightly more natural blend than highlights. 

However, you don’t have to exclusively opt for one over the other and your colourist will be able to advise you whether lowlights or highlights, or a combination of both, will give you the best results considering your existing colour and the amount of grey hair you want to hide. 

In addition to helping to disguise your grey hair with highlights and/or lowlights, one of the other benefits of grey blending is that transitioning to grey hair with highlights helps you ease into going fully grey should you wish to at a later date.

Meanwhile, if you’re dealing with more grey than you would ideally like, balayage, a technique in which highlights are hand-painted onto the hair, is another option to help you through the transition period.


Transition Blending Grey Hair With Highlights And Lowlights: Hair Care

Whether you decide you want to disguise your grey hair with highlights or transition to grey hair with lowlights, one thing is key. And that is to make sure you look after your colour.

We really love the finish that Davines’ Heart of Glass range provides. Their Silkening Shampoo leaves natural and cosmetically treated blonde hair clean and illuminated, while the matching Rich Conditioner balances out any unwanted undertones. Finish with the Instant Bonding Glow Serum and you’ll be good to glow – and go!


Disguising Grey Hair With Highlights In Hertford

Want to know how to hide grey hair with lowlights? Want to find out more about grey blending? Looking for an easier way to transition to grey hair with highlights or balayage? Tierney Salons Hertford has your back.

So put down the tweezers, pick up your phone and give us a call or book an appointment online and we’ll help you get a handle on your grey hairs with style.