How To Get Copper Red Hair At The Salon & Maintain It

25 February 2022 | Tincture and Colour

Fantasizing about copper red hair? We don’t blame you, it’s seriously sexy and super on-trend right now. But how do you get copper red hair?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Keep on reading to find out how to get copper red hair, as well as how to maintain your dream colour. 


Summary: How To Get Copper Red Hair

  1. Decide on your desired outcome
  2. Choose a permanent or semi-permanent dye
  3. Understand your starting point (your base colour)
  4. Creating your copper red colour
  5. Add extra shine and nourishment with a hair treatment
  6. Rinse, blow-dry to perfection and voila!


What is copper red hair?

Before we delve into how to get copper red hair, let’s get on the same page regarding what copper red hair actually looks like. 

Copper red hair is a beautiful blend of rich red, orange, brown and bronze colours, making it a super dimensional and versatile colour trend. Copper red can range from dark, deep tones to light, golden hues, allowing us to tweak the colour to your smallest preferences.

It’s the perfect in between shade if you don’t want to be too orange or too red. 

If you want to go copper red, be ready for some fiery, metallic locks that are bound to turn heads. So, how do you get copper hair?

Close up of copper red hair

How to get copper red hair 

  1. Decide on your desired outcome

First things first, we mentioned that copper red can come in many different shades. So, before we lay a finger on your hair, it’s best to have a vision for your outcome. Think about:


  • How dark or light you want your copper
  • How much dimension you want
  • Whether you want an all over colour, or would prefer a specialist service, e.g. a balayage. 


These points might not have even crossed your mind, so we definitely recommend finding some reference images online to show your stylist

 Alternatively, if you really just can’t decide, we’re more than happy to work with you during your consultation to pinpoint your hair goals.


  1. Ready to commit? If not, try a less permanent solution…

Copper red hair can be a big commitment, especially if you’re starting with dark brown hair (don’t worry, we’ll discuss this in just a second). Whilst your colour will naturally fade a little in time, it is permanent.

However, you don’t have to take the plunge if you’re not ready just yet. We proudly present to you…Redken Shades EQ, AKA your new favourite hair gloss. Shades EQ is a line of demi-permanent hair glosses that give the vibrant results of a permanent colour, but can disappear in a few washes.

Feel free to read our previous article about Redken Shades EQ here if you want more information!


  1. It’s all about that base colour

As promised, here’s what we were talking about previously. When it comes to getting copper red hair, we firstly need to look at your starting point. It’s all about that base!

  • If you already have blonde or light brown hair…

If you already have blonde or very light brown hair, you’re in luck. We can apply the hair colour right on top of your base without having to lighten your hair further. If your hair has been bleached, we will just need to check the condition before we get to the fun part.

  • If you have darker hair…

Unfortunately, for our dark haired friends, there are a few extra steps needed before we start colouring your hair. Here’s a mini science lesson to help you understand why:

When we dye your hair, we are placing pigment onto your hair strands. We can place colour straight onto light or bleached hair, as lighter hair has less existing pigment.

However, darker hair is very pigmented already. Therefore, we need to remove this pigment before we add another colour, otherwise it won’t show up.

To remove the pigment from your dark hair, we lighten the hair with bleach. This gives us the perfect base for creating vibrant colour that is going to last really well. 


  1. Creating your copper red colour

Finally, the fun part! This will look different for everyone as we mix colour up completely depending on your goals.

We might end up with a load of different bowls of colour to create some serious dimension. Or, we could have one darker and one lighter shade to create a seamless ombre effect. 

The best part is, we of course use professional Wella colour (or Redken Shades EQ). There will be no box-dye in sight, to ensure that we colour your hair with minimal damage and maximum result.

The colour will be applied to your hair and left to develop. In the meantime, you can sit back and unwind whilst you await your dream copper red colour.


  1. Add extra shine and nourishment with a hair treatment

If your hair was slightly compromised, or you simply love having healthy hair, we recommend adding a hair treatment to your colour service.

If you’re looking to strengthen the bonds in your hair, definitely add Olaplex to your appointment. We’ve got a whole article about Olaplex here if you want to learn about what it does.

Or, are you looking to smooth out your hair and add incredible shine? A nano keratin treatment is definitely up your street. Read more about how a nano keratin treatment can make your hair instantly more seductive and alluring here


  1. Rinse, blow-dry to perfection and voila!

Once your colour has developed and we’ve got your hair treatments ready to go, it’s time to rinse. We personally love watching the dye melt away from your hair to reveal your shiny new colour…it’s a hairdresser’s guilty pleasure!

After a relaxing shampoo and conditioner, we blow-dry your hair to perfection to show-off your new hair in all its glory. You can choose whether you want a straight blow-dry, or would love a bouncy, curly blow-dry. 

And there you have it, going copper red at the salon is easy as pie! 


How to maintain your copper red hair

A little bird might have told you that red hair dye fades the fastest. Unfortunately, red hair colours do require some extra maintenance to ensure the longevity of your colour.

But as long as you follow proper maintenance advice, your colour will remain in-tact and super vibrant between salon visits.


  1. Don’t overwash your hair

If you’re someone who washes your hair over 4 times a week, then don’t be surprised if your colour fades quicker. In most cases, this is actually bad for your hair’s health, as you are stripping your hair of its natural oils.

Instead, try washing your hair 1-3 times a week to keep your colour on-point.


  1. Use a colour-friendly shampoo and conditioner

Is your normal shampoo a clarifying shampoo? If so, don’t let it anywhere near your hair! Clarifying shampoos are designed to strip colour away from the hair, so you’ll be watching your copper red go down the drain.

Instead, choose a shampoo and conditioner that is made to maintain coloured hair. We recommend the Davines MINU Shampoo and MINU Conditioner, which protects and illuminates your colour. 


  1. Visit the salon every 6-8 weeks for a root touch-up

Whilst we wish that your colour will remain rich and vibrant forever, you will eventually have to come back into the salon for a touch-up.

Depending on how quickly your hair grows, and whether you have followed the above maintenance, we recommend that you come back every 6-8 weeks for optimal results.


Get copper red hair at Tierney Salons Hertford Hairdressers

We hope we’ve helped you understand how to get copper red hair, as well as some other top tips surrounding copper hair!

If you’re ready to get your dream shade of copper red, we’d be over the moon to make it happen for you. We are situated in Hertford, Hertfordshire, and have a team bursting with talent. In fact, our Salon Director, Jason, is a Wella Master Colour Expert, so you’ll be in safe hands.

You can check out our colour services here, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here