How To Get Warm Blonde Hair Without Looking Brassy

25 May 2023 | Hair Care

Spring has finally sprung (thank God), which means summer is on the way and what better time to freshen up your locks? If the warmer weather has inspired you to go full-on beach babe with sun-kissed tresses, you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re naturally blonde, already rocking a cool blonde ‘do or you’re looking for a complete transformation, we’re here to help you step into your warm blonde era! 

Keep reading to find out how you can get warm blonde hair without it looking brassy.


What is a warm blonde hair colour?

Whilst we love cool blonde hair (think platinum, ice and ash blonde), they tend to require a little more TLC to keep you looking 10/10.

Warmer blonde tones are a little more forgiving towards those who don’t have time for a high level of upkeep, but still want to look their best. Picture warm blonde balayage and golden highlights, sounds dreamy, right? 

This look is achieved with warmer tones and richer, more sun-kissed hues that add depth and dimension to the hair. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a shade from honey or golden blonde, to caramel blonde and even strawberry blonde.

Back of woman's head showing her warm blonde wavy hair.


What’s the difference between warm and brassy blonde hair?

There is a big difference between warm and brassy hair. Though, when many people think of warm blonde hair, they’re immediately put off by the fear of looking brassy. Well, today is the day we set the record straight… You can absolutely have warm blonde hair without the brassy tones.

What’s the secret, we hear you ask? Well, it’s all about the placement of the warm tones. The aim is to create a cool-to-warm effect, starting with cooler tones at the roots and seamlessly transitioning to warmer tones throughout the midshaft and at the ends. The problem occurs when there’s an excessive amount of warmth in the wrong places, i.e. at the roots.


5 ways to prevent warm blonde hair from looking brassy

Stylist wearing black gloves applying bleach to a woman's blonde hair using a bleach brush.

Take it from us (we are experts after all), brassy blonde hair isn’t a vibe. Whilst your hairstylist will work their magic to give you beautifully golden, honey tones, by using quality colour with the right formation, they’ll be handing the baton over to you to maintain the look.

Taking care of your hair at home is essential for preventing brassy tones from coming through as that’s the last thing you want after spending your hard-earned cash on your colour.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to prevent those pesky brassy tones.


  1. Minimise heat exposure

You know the drill, you’ve heard it a million times, go easy on the heat styling. If you do use heat, make sure you use a good-quality heat protector. This is essential for protecting your precious locks and creating a polished final look.

Using heat protectant spray containing silicone and keratin ingredients can seal the hair cuticle and make it more resistant to heat damage.


  1. Minimise swimming and protect hair from chlorine

Woman in swimming pool wearing a pink swimming cap to protect her blonde hair.

Think of chlorine as the Regina George in your life, she’s a mean girl, well, when it comes to your hair anyway. Chlorine strips your hair of natural oils causing it to get dry and brittle. When your hair becomes damaged in this way, it’s more likely to turn brassy. There are ways to protect your hair from chlorine such as:

  • Pre-soaking your hair with clean tap or bottled water before getting into the pool allows your hair to soak up the moisture, minimising the amount of chlorine that will be absorbed.
  • It’s not the chicest look, but wearing a swimming cap is the easiest way to protect your hair. Wetting your hair first with non-chemically altered water can make it easier to pop on.
  • Making sure you wash and condition your hair thoroughly after being in the swimming pool can help to prevent damage.


  1. Get a toner in-between your salon appointments

Unlike chlorine, a toner will be your best friend to prevent your warm blonde hair from looking brassy between appointments. 

Toner helps to remove brassy tones, by correcting your hair colour to maintain your desired look. You should use a toner in-between your salon appointments and especially just after having your hair coloured.


  1. Use Davines Heart of Glass range

Maintaining the health of your blonde strands couldn’t be easier with Davines’ Heart of Glass collection, a sustainably-minded colour care range for blondes.

The simple four-part regimen offers a complete hair routine including shampoo, conditioner, treatment and an illuminating thermal-protective fluid, designed to highlight the beauty of blonde hair.


  1. Avoid using extremely hot water

Blonde woman washing her hair with shampoo with her back to the camera.

If the thought of having to wash your hair with cold water sounds as bad as sitting in an ice bath, you can relax, we’re not about to do that to you. Whilst it’s not necessary to wash your hair with cold water unless you’re trying to maintain a vivid colour, turning the temperature down a notch will make a considerable difference.

Washing your hair with hot water opens the hair cuticle and causes coloured hair to fade quicker. After washing your hair, having a final rinse with cold water closes the cuticle to further preserve your hair colour. 


Achieving warm blonde shades at Tierney Salons

So now we’ve got you gushing over the idea of trying out a warm blonde hair colour, you might be thinking, hold up, will this even suit me?

Whilst warm blonde hair works particularly well with light to medium warm or neutral skin tones, as creating a contrast with cool-toned complexions can be very flattering, with the right amount of tonal adjustments, it can work on just about anyone.

A skilled colourist, aka our blonde hair expert, Beth, will work with you to choose the right depth and dimension in the colour and tones to complement your complexion.

If you’re hesitant about jumping straight in, you can always opt for a soft look to ease yourself into the transition.

Whether you’re after warm blonde highlights or you’re thinking of more dirty blonde, we’d love to bring your hair vision to life. We are the best hairdressers for blonde hair in Hertfordshire, so you’ll be in good hands.

Book in with Beth here, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.