How To Prepare Your Hair For Your Wedding Day

5 July 2022 | Hairstyles

Let’s face it, you’ve thought about what you want to look like on your wedding day long before you even got engaged. You’ve spent hours looking through dresses, shoes, accessories, make-up inspiration and, of course, bridal hair.

Now that your big day is looming, it’s time to start your wedding hair prep. We’ve broken down exactly how to prepare your hair for your wedding day as that special date gets closer. 


How To Prepare Hair For Your Wedding Day

Wedding hair prep is absolutely essential to ensure that your ‘do is exactly how you want it on your big day. And yes, it starts at least 6 months before your wedding day…


6+ Months Before Your Wedding

  • Evaluate your hair’s condition

Woman with damaged hair during wedding hair prep

Hopefully, we’ve caught you in time for you to get thinking about your hair’s condition. Take a look now: is your hair dryer than the Sahara desert? Can you see those split ends from a mile away? Do you lose half a head of hair every time you comb it?

If you want your hair to look silky smooth, well-nourished and quite literally gleaming, then it’s time to get into a hair care routine now.

Blessed with curly locks? You can read our curly hair care tips here. But as a few general tips for all hair types, remember to:

  • Stop washing your hair every single day: 2-3 times a week is plenty.
  • Limit the amount of heat you use.
  • When you do use heat, ALWAYS use a heat protectant.
  • Get regular hair trims to eliminate split ends.
  • Make sure to opt for Olaplex when you get your hair bleached or coloured.


  • Decide on your hair length

Red-head with long hair for wedding hair prep

You might have seen many brides growing their hair for their wedding day. Whilst many people want to have long, flowing locks for their wedding, we encourage you to make a decision based on your individual style.

It’s perfectly fine to want to change things up for your wedding. But remember to be true to yourself! If you usually rock a short haircut, your hair will still look just as beautiful, because it’s the most ‘you’.

However, if you do want to grow out your hair for your wedding, we recommend taking all of the hair care steps above to help maximise your growth. 


3+ Months Before Your Wedding

  • Decide on your bridal hair

Girl with beautiful bridal hair

Whether you want to keep it real or you fancy a change, the next step in your wedding hair prep is deciding on your bridal hair.

If you’re having a sunny summer wedding, will you brighten up your look with some sunkissed highlights? Will you elevate your haircut with some face-framing layers?

At the end of the day, your bridal hair should reflect your individuality, personality and style. So, choose a haircut or hair colour that reflects your inner beauty, as well as your outer beauty!


  • Find a hairdresser that you trust

Having a vision for your hair is one thing, but do you have a hairdresser that you can trust to pull it off?

This is where it is important to do your research. When looking for hair salons, always check their reviews and scroll through their Instagram to check out their previous work.


  • Trial a haircut and colour

Woman having hair curled for wedding hair prep

Once you think you have found a worthy hair salon, we highly recommend trialling your haircut and colour, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, you’ll want to be sure that your hairdresser nails your vision. Your stylist should always give you a hair consultation to discuss your goals before your appointment, so it’s a big red flag if you don’t get this opportunity.

But most importantly, by trialling your haircut and colour well in advance, you’ll have time to decide if it’s right for you. You’ll never truly know if a haircut or hair colour is perfect until you see it in the flesh. 

There would be no bigger tragedy than finding out your vision wasn’t what you expected only days before your wedding. So, if you’re thinking about a bigger transformation, always give it a trial well ahead of time.


Less Than 1 Month Before Your Wedding

  • Book your hair appointment well in advance

You’ve found your trustworthy stylist and trialled your hair, but you’ll need an appointment closer to the big day. Are you really going to walk down the aisle with grown-out, 3 month old hair? Absolutely not!

We’re glad you’ve thought about wedding hair prep, since you’ll want to secure an appointment well in advance. Imagine forgetting to book an appointment, only to find out your hair stylist is fully booked up until your wedding. The thought alone makes us shudder. 


  • Have a haircut and colour a week before the big day

Bride having hair washed for wedding hair prep

So, when should you book your hair appointment? If you’re thinking about booking your appointment the day before, then please listen up.

Ever seen Bride Wars? The last thing you want is for your hair to accidentally be dyed blue days before your wedding. Of course, this would never happen in real life, but the point is that, as with anything in life, things might not turn out the way you want them to.

Or, you might get cold feet about your hair. So, don’t put yourself under pressure. Give yourself at least a week before the wedding to get your hair done, so you have time to make sure it is absolutely perfect.

Did you know that at Tierney Salons, we have a 100% Happiness Guarantee? This means that in the (very unlikely) instance that you are not completely satisfied with your hair, we will do it again for free. If that doesn’t give you peace of mind for your big day, we don’t know what will!


  • Try a nanokeratin treatment for manageability

Worried that your hair will be difficult to manage on your wedding day? Perhaps it gets frizzy easily, or your curls don’t form evenly. 

A nanokeratin treatment is a great solution for those who want to keep their hair neat and tidy, whilst enhancing the hair’s condition.

If you have curly hair, you’ll see less frizzy, beautifully formed strands. But generally, whether you have straight or textured hair, the end result will be smoother, shinier and much more manageable.

Interested in a nanokeratin treatment for your wedding? Learn more about nanokeratin treatments here.


The Night Before Your Wedding

  • Wash your hair, using your usual hair wash routine

Bride drying hair for wedding hair prep

The night before your wedding is when the real wedding hair prep starts. Every bride asks the same question…”when should I wash my hair for my wedding day?”. The only answer is the night before, of course!

Washing your hair the night before will allow the moisture in your hair to balance, and create a very slight build-up of natural oils that won’t look greasy, but will help your hairstyle to stay in place all day long.

When washing your hair, stick with your normal wash routine. This is not the time to be trying out new products; stick to what you know.


  • Let your hair dry naturally to minimise heat exposure

Want your hair to look extra shiny and smooth? We recommend letting it air dry. Allowing your hair to dry naturally will help it retain moisture, which is what gives your hair that smooth, silky look.

If you don’t have the time to let it air dry, then spritz your hair with some heat protectant and blow dry. No one wants frazzled hair for their wedding day!


  • Sleep with dry hair on a silk pillowcase

Silk pillow for wedding hair prep

Speaking of drying your hair, make sure your hair is bone-dry before you hit the sack. Sleeping with wet hair can make it more prone to breakage, and cause tangling whilst you toss and turn.

To avoid tangling completely, treat yourself to a silk or satin pillowcase. This will not only help to keep your hair tangle-free, but will ensure your hair does not become frizzy or greasy from your cotton pillow.


On Your Wedding Day

  • Don’t stress, you’ve got this!

Bride with beautiful wedding hair

We’ll leave you with this final thought: don’t stress, you’ve got this! Every bride dreams of absolute perfection on their wedding day. But we’re here to tell you that the little things won’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

You’ll look back on your wedding day and remember the special moments, and how happy you were to be marrying your person.

So, just relax and take it all in. We’re positive that you’ll look beautiful doing it, no matter what!


Trust Tierney Salons With Your Bridal Haircut & Colour

Wedding days are stressful enough – you don’t need the added stress of a hairdresser who doesn’t listen.

We’re proud to say we’re the Hertford salon that listens to you! We take our time to get to know your hair goals through a hair consultation, so we’re able to exceed your expectations.

Whether you need a haircut, a hair colour or both, we’re ready to make you feel on cloud nine with your bridal hair. 

If you’re based in Hertford, UK, then feel free to browse our services here, or get in touch with us here to discuss how we can best help you.