How To Style Your Hair – For Men

6 April 2021 | Uncategorised

Men’s hair styling can often be difficult when you’re not sure where to start. From knowing what products to use to having the right technique, we have you covered.


Choosing A Haircut

There are endless men’s haircut styles, but choosing the right one for you is an integral step to knowing how to style your hair. Besides, what’s the point of choosing a haircut that you can’t manage on a day to day basis? 


As a starting point, think about your daily routine. Do you have lots of time to spend styling your hair? However, it is of course important to choose a haircut that you love and expresses your personal style! Have a chat with our stylists beforehand to discuss your goals. We can give you our advice on how maintainable your desired hairstyle will be.


What Men’s Hair Product Should I Use?

There are countless men’s styling products out there, from hair wax to oils. But did you know that each product is designed for specific hair types? Here’s a list of hair styling products and who should use them. 


A pomade is a creamy, tacky product that gives medium to strong hold. It adds a shiny, sleek appearance to the hair. If you have thick hair on the shorter side, a pomade is perfect for you, as it can really be worked into the hair to keep your hair looking good all day.


Have you got straight or wavy hair? Then wax could be the choice for you. This product can be a great choice for any hair lengths, however if you have curly hair, you might want to stay away. As wax is very viscous, it can clump up in curly hair and, trust us, you don’t want that. All other hair types will be left with a very shiny finish for the perfect Danny Zuko look. 


Curly haired men –  this one is for you. Hair styling cream is a great way to tame flyaways and without weighing down your hair. It will keep your curls looking defined whilst also giving you some hold to keep your style in place. 


Hairspray is a very universal product. If you have fine hair, using hairspray to keep your style in place might be all you need as it is not very heavy duty. However, hairspray can also be used alongside other products for extra hold. Be careful not to use too much, as it can have a drying effect on the hair.


How To Put Products In Men’s Hair 

We’ve got our supplies ready, but now we need to know how to use men’s hair products. Firstly, using the right amount of product is crucial. Using too little will not give you enough hold, whereas too much really will leave you looking like you’ve stepped out of the movie Grease.


The amount you use will depend on your hair thickness and length. Start with a dollop roughly the size of a 10 pence coin. You can always add more if this isn’t enough. 


Next is the technique of applying the product. ALWAYS apply product from the back to the front of your head. By doing this, the product will be distributed evenly, and you will avoid buildup at the front. 


How To Style Men’s Hair

As previously discussed, you will want to ensure that your hair is cut in a way that will work with your desired style. As a starting point for all styles, wash your hair and towel dry. Take a fine tooth comb and comb your hair in the direction you want it to sit. Blow dry your hair in the same direction you have combed it, or leave it to dry naturally. This will help your hair to stay in place.


How To Style Short To Medium Length Hair

In general, you can take your desired product and work it in the direction you would like it to sit. Here are a few styles you might opt for:

The Quiff

A quiff generally leans to one side of the head, so choose your favourite side or the side that suits you best. Rub your product between your hands to warm it up and sculpt the tips of the hair gradually into the same direction. The more product you add, the more sleek and defined your quiff will be.

The Pompadour

This is similar to a quiff, but think more Elvis Presley. This style will go straight back and give you lots of volume at the front. Again, take your product and work it through the tips of your hair, moving away from your hairline.

French Crop

This hairstyle is the most low maintenance, as the hair moves forward, creating a fringe-like effect. You won’t need as much product as the hair will lay quite naturally. However if you would like some more texture, ruffle some product through the ends of your hair.


How To Style Long Men’s Hair

It can be harder to get the same volume as shorter hairstyles due to the weight of longer hair, however there are still some great styles you can achieve. There are also lots of possibilities that longer hair has that you cannot do with short hair, such as tying it up.

Slick Back

If you like keeping your hair out of your face, this is a great option. Brush your hair backwards away from your hairline and add your product accordingly.

Au Naturel

Leaving your hair to fall naturally when you have a great haircut is never a bad option. If you have curly or wavy hair, add some cream to really define your curls. If you want to give your hair a bit of volume at the root, you could work in a volumising hair mousse.

The Man Bun

Some may have mixed opinions on this trend, but it can be a really quick way to style your hair and keep it out of your face. Brush your hair back, and, taking a hair band, tie your hair without pulling all of the hair through. To sleeken your look, you can add hair gel.


Men’s Hairdressers Hertford

At Tierney Salons in Hertford, we specialise in modern male styling. We can give you a brilliant cut and, if you’re really looking to change up your look, we can colour your hair too. Book an appointment now or get in touch with us if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you!