Is A Pastel Hair Colour Hard To Upkeep?

9 October 2023 | Tincture and Colour

Image Credit – Pinterest.

Pastel hair colours have recently surged in popularity among those seeking to showcase their individual style with soft and dreamy shades. From muted pinks to pale blues, pastel coloured hair provides a captivating range of options.

And we say count us in! Let’s be honest, who can resist being utterly enchanted while endlessly scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, admiring those vibrant and lively hair creations? But in the midst of this allure, a common question emerges: Is a pastel hair colour hard to upkeep?

What you need to know about pastel hair!

Before you paint the town (or rather, your hair) in pastel shades, there are some things you should think about.

To attain those enchanting pastel hues, you will begin by lightening your hair to a level 9-10 blonde base. This initial step often entails multiple salon visits, especially for individuals with darker hair, particularly brunettes. 

The crucial approach here is a gradual lightening process, aimed at minimising damage and maintaining your hair’s health. It’s advisable to seek guidance from a skilled colourist to determine the appropriate bleaching process, ensuring minimal harm along the way.

On the flip side, if you’re already a blonde bombshell, you’re all set for pastels! Light blonde hair provides the perfect canvas for those soft, alluring shades.

Not sure if you’re ready for a Pastel Hair Colour?

Now, let’s discuss strategy. If you’re new to pastels or have natural hair, try subtle highlights or an ombre effect first. It’ll help you gauge your commitment to the colour. Choose gentle, ammonia-free lighteners and pastel toners to keep your hair healthy and strong throughout the process.

rainbow pastel hair

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  • Subtle Highlights:

Subtle highlights involve adding lighter tones to specific sections of your hair, creating a natural, sun-kissed effect. When starting with pastels, incorporating subtle pastel highlights is an excellent way to dip your toes into the world of colour without a drastic change. The highlights can be strategically placed to frame your face or blend seamlessly with your natural hair colour.

  • Ombre Effect:

Ombre is a gradual blending of one colour to another, typically from darker at the roots to lighter at the tips. It’s a popular choice for incorporating pastel shades, as it provides a beautiful transition from your natural hair colour to the pastel hue. This effect can be subtle or more pronounced, depending on your preference.

blue ombre hair

Image Credit – Pinterest.

Go Bolder!

Consider opting for a more vibrant hue when going for pastel hair. During your salon visit, ask for a shade slightly brighter than your intended colour. Why, you ask? Well, pastel shades have this funny quirk— they tend to “settle” and soften after the initial washes. 

Pastel hair colours ‘settle’ due to their lower dye concentration, smaller pigment molecules, and hair porosity. Starting with a slightly bolder colour choice ensures that your hair gradually achieves a pastel look as it lightens over time.

The Challenges of Keeping Up the Pastel Hair Glory

Alright, let’s spill the tea on maintaining that captivating pastel hair. You’ve got the shade, but how do you keep these strands looking on point? It’s a bit like juggling, but with hair products.

The Great Colour Fading Act

So, you’ve just walked out of the salon, pastel hues looking like fire. But hang on tight; here’s a little reality check—pastels fade fast! Yep, it’s a somewhat sad truth. Maintaining pastel hair colours demands significant upkeep.

The Suspects Speeding Up the Fade-A-Thon

The Shampoo Dilemma:

Wash your hair too often, and voila—the colour waves a reluctant goodbye. To prolong the life of your pastel hair colour, opt for sulphate-free and colour-safe shampoos and conditioners. 

Davines MOMO Shampoo Bar is a convenient and eco-friendly option for those seeking a hydrating shampoo specifically designed to nourish dry and dehydrated hair, used and trusted by Tierney Salons. Hot water can also fade the colour, so use lukewarm water and limit heat styling.

Heat Styling’s Fiery Grip: 

Heat styling is a notorious culprit in the colour fade saga. It can strip away your vibrant hues faster than you can say “bad hair day.” The struggle is real, but here are a few strategies that can be your allies in preserving that vibrant colour. 

Before diving into the styling adventure, coat your hair with a reliable heat protectant. It’s like giving your locks a shield against the fiery foes. Better yet, ditch the heat and embrace heat-free styles! Braids, buns, or a classic ponytail—they’re all fabulous options that won’t mess with your colour’s mojo. But remember, tying your hair too tightly or using improper hair ties can damage the hair shaft. Opting for silk scrunchies can help to reduce friction.

blue rainbow hair

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Cooler Settings, Please.

If you can’t resist the allure of heat styling, opt for lower temperature settings. It might take a tad longer, but it’s a much gentler approach for your lovely pastels. This not only protects your delicate pastel hues but also safeguards the overall health of your locks, helping to maintain their vitality and prevent damage.

Like with any good thing, moderation is key. Try to limit your rendezvous with heat styling tools. Let your hair breathe and retain its colour charm.

Sunshine, The Silent Fader:

UV rays play the sneaky game, making your hues duller than last year’s fashion trends. Little Miss Sunshine isn’t a friend to pastels. To aid in this, use deep conditioning treatments or hair masks regularly to keep your hair healthy, hydrated, and less prone to colour fading. 

Additionally, arm yourself with a colour-protecting conditioner to uphold those vivid pastels and nourish your hair. Make it a post-wash ritual to seal the colour and maintain that essential moisture. Your pastels will thank you! 

Also, consider wearing a hat in direct sun. While it may feel counter intuitive when you want to show off your hair, protecting it from direct sunlight is vital to prevent fading and maintain the vibrancy of your pastel shades in the long run.

Make Your Pastel Hair Pop With Tierney Salons

Lastly, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from a skilled hair stylist specialising in pastel colours for touch-ups and valuable advice on preserving your desired shade. We can offer tips and tricks to ensure your pastel hair stays looking fresh and vibrant.

In the world of hair transformations, pastel colours stand as a vibrant symbol of expression and style. At Tierney Salons, we understand that embracing these shades requires a commitment to upkeep and care – But it’s totally worth it! Our professional stylists are here to guide you through this fun colourful adventure. Book an appointment with us today!