Becoming the Best Hairdresser in Hertford – Meet The Founder of Tierney Salons

6 July 2021 | Inside Tierney Salons

Without the founder of Tierney Salons, Jason, the salon we all know and love would not be around today. As his team, we were curious to get the juicy details of the opening of Tierney Salons. We found them so inspiring that we’re sharing them with you. So, without further ado, here is Jason’s story of how our Hertford hair salon came to be.


Where It All Began

I kick-started my hairdressing career at Toni & Guy in 2006 where I worked relentlessly to perfect my skills. In 2012 I then started at HOB Salons as a Stylist. Through major dedication and hard work, I managed to work my way up and became the Colour Director for the salon.

I also had a passion for teaching and became an educator for HOB, where I taught alongside internationally renowned and award-winning hairdressers at their academy. I taught a wide range of students, from qualified hairdressers to salon assistants. I absolutely loved helping aspiring stylists to reach their goals and set them up for success. 

After working at the salon for almost 6 years, my team members felt more like a family than work colleagues. 


An Unexpected Goodbye

Unfortunately, after working so long and hard at HOB Salons, I received a call from the salon owner and was told that the salon would be closing down. My team and I were absolutely devastated at the news. But despite a sudden end to my journey with HOB, I stayed motivated to seek out the next opportunity in my career.

Leaving both my close friends and a lot of my beloved clients behind, I then moved on to working in two new salons across a short period of time. The different work culture and personal struggles after the heartbreaking passing of my Grandad started to take a toll on my mental health.


I missed my Hertford family, I missed my clients and I really struggled.


But working at a small independent salon was also inspiring. After observing the business side of running a salon, I knew I was destined to have a salon of my own.

Jason’s Own Hair Salon in Hertford

With the support of my incredible partner, Matt, and my close friend and coworker, Cheryl, I sought to set up my own salon. As if it were fate, a salon had recently become available in my treasured town, Hertford. Before I knew it, I became the owner of my very own salon and in 2019 Tierney Salons was born.


The Ups and Downs of Running a Business

The salon grew more and more successful, but there were still some limitations to what I could do in the early stages. After a lot of diligence and dedication, I was ecstatic when I was finally able to tear down the dreaded zebra striped wallpaper that the salon (tragically) came with, and I was finally able to decorate Tierney Salons in my vision.

There were challenging moments as expected when setting up your own business, but I persevered and couldn’t be happier with what I have accomplished. 


I love my new salon. Especially since lockdown. Getting it redecorated, getting the new floor in…


I strive every day to create a culture where people feel welcomed and as if they belong, and am so thankful to be surrounded by those who support me, and of course my amazing clients!


I hope that I create a culture where people feel like they belong! Because that’s what I really missed


The Mind Charity 

My struggles with mental health have made me passionate to help others, which is why we have been raising money for The Mind Charity. They are committed to supporting those dealing with mental health struggles in England and Wales.