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Nanokeratin Treatments in Hertford

15 January 2021 | Treatments

Have you ever heard of a Brazilian blow-dry, Keratin blow-dry or Keratin treatment? Historically speaking these treatments were used to completely straighten out frizzy or curly hair. The results were smooth and shiny lengths that gave you a Hollywood red carpet feeling. 

But the original formulation included formaldehyde or methylene glycol. Since formaldehyde is a known health hazard, the compositions have been banned in several countries including the UK. 

So where does that leave us? Don’t fear nanokeratin have the solution!

The new Nanokeratin System – Now in Hertfordshire

Welcome to the revolution in hair smoothing technology.

Nanokeratin System have created an advanced and innovative series of products, based on molecular biomimetic technologies. The nanokeratin bond reformation process leaves the hair smoother, shinier and more manageable with 0% Formaldehyde and Aldehyde and creating no chemical off-gases. 

This means that neither you nor your stylist are exposed to the health risks often associated with keratin treatments. 

Naturally, we have decided to offer you these treatments in our Hertford salon. To help you learn more, we are going to answer the most common questions in relation to nanokeratin treatments.

Is keratin good for your hair?

Yes! Keratin is a protein that is a natural part of your nails, skins and hair and functions as a structural building block. Keratin hair treatments help to tame coarse hair by strengthening the hair cells and smoothing out the hair surface. 

As with many things in life, you should enjoy keratin treatments in moderation. Artificially adding too much keratin, for example, with keratin sprays, keratin shampoo or keratin masks can result in stiff or stretchy hair that is prone to breakage.

What does nanokeratin do for your hair?

Old Brazilian blow-dries would really straighten the hair because of the harsh chemicals. The process involved literally melting liquid keratin around the hair. You wouldn’t be able to tie your hair up for 72 hours or get your hair wet in that time. Plus your hair would look very greasy.

Nanokeratin System developed a smoother, not a straightener. This means your starting point dictates your end result. But one thing is sure: You will see a dramatic change in how easy it is for you to style and look after your hair.

  • If you have curly hair, you will see a less frizzy better-formed curl. 
  • If you have thick frizzy hair, you will see an increase in manageability and the ability to get a smoother finish when you blow-dry.
  • If your hair feels compromised or weak, you will see softer, shinier, better quality hair.

So if you want smoother, more manageable, less frizzy and better quality hair, nanokeratin is the service for you!

How long do keratin treatments last? 

So let’s talk about time scales. You’ll be in the salon for a good 3-4 hours. That’s a great opportunity for you to unwind and relax and get some ‘you’ time. And nanokeratin is well worth the wait. 

With the correct home care, the results will last you up to 4 months. We’ll happily advise you on which shampoos and conditioners are free from certain chemicals and are best suited to bring you excellent results. 

How much does a keratin treatment cost?

We offer nanokeratin treatments in Hertfordshire starting from £150. For more info on pricing and booking, you can browse our services here. 

Get in contact with one of our team if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help!