10 Popular Hair Colours We Think You’ll Love In 2021

23 February 2021 | Tincture and Colour

If you are searching for the latest hair trends, then you are in the right place. We have a variety of popular hair colour ideas that might get you inspired to change your hair up in 2021.

Honey Blonde

Ashy, cool-toned blonde has been a huge trend for years, and that’s definitely not going to change anytime soon. But a hair colour that’s been creeping back in recently is this beautiful, buttery sun-kissed blonde that makes you think of boiling hot beach days.

You can achieve this golden blonde shade with a full head of highlights done by our stylists. Why not make it feel like summer every day?

To complete your look, you could try a shag haircut with long bangs. The different layers will help to reflect the sun even more and will look great during a day at the beach.

Blonde Highlights Using Foils Hertford


Mushroom Brunette

What do you call a blog about mushrooms? A fun-guide! Luckily, there are no real mushrooms involved in this colour trend. Just like a portobello mushroom, which the trend is inspired by, this dimensional colour combines subtle tones of brown, grey and even purple.

Our hairstylist will foil your hair with a fusion of highlights and low-lights on top of an earthy brown base.

The perfect trend cut to go along with the colour? Why not opt for an undone bob? It’s very easy to maintain and judging from Alexa Chung who has been rocking this style for years, you won’t regret it.

Mushroom Brunette Curled Hair By Tierney Salons


Glossy Black Hair

This cool black colour with a glossy hair finish screams Kardashians. Whilst black hair can often look bold and striking, this 2021 colour trend has a much softer, more natural appearance. If you’re searching for a healthy-looking hair colour on the darker side, this could be perfect for you.

An all-over tint paired with a glossing service is how our stylists would accomplish this look on your hair.

Just like the Kardashians, this glossy look will look great with straight hair. Consider a keratin treatment to smoothen your lengths and make them extra shiny..


Auburn Red Hair

Looking for a shade of red that’s not too full on? This gorgeous auburn hair colour is a blend of warm red and brown hues. This latest trend would be a perfect way to brighten up your hair and try a fun colour whilst opting for a more natural shade of auburn.

The mullet has had a huge comeback. Our modern take on it with a wide fringe and visible layers will leave your lengths defined and your look on point.

Auburn Red Hair Colour


Chunky Highlights

We’re giving you a throwback to the ’90s with this trend. But don’t panic, these highlights have been revamped from the zebra-type stripes that come to mind, and instead, have a more seamless appearance.

Chunky money pieces frame the face and are placed where the sun would usually hit your hair for a much brighter look. You can talk to our stylists about exactly how you want your highlights to look at your appointment.

Keratin straightened hair


Bronde Hair

When you combine blonde and brown hair, you guessed it, the result is bronde. Kylie Jenner rocked this beautiful shade throughout December and we think it’s here to stay. This low maintenance yet super on-trend style can be attained with either subtle sun-kissed highlights on a brown base, or with a simple balayage for a more effortless effect.

Bronde Hair Colour


Bubblegum Pink Hair

So far, hair trends for 2021 have seemingly drifted towards a more natural look. However, for those of you looking for something a little more daring, then bubblegum pink is in right now! This shade of pink is a pretty pastel colour and would suit those with cooler undertones in their skin.

Ready to go pink? Our stylists will lighten your hair and apply your desired pink Wella Colour on top.

Bubble Gum Pink Hair Colour


Blonde Root Smudge

Since our salon has sadly been shut to due lock-down, you might be in dire need of a touch up to your blonde hair. However, the grown-out look can actually look stunning (when blended of course). Root smudges are in at the moment, and if you’re someone who loves a low maintenance style, this one’s for you.

We offer root shadow toning to give your blonde a seamless blend.

Luxe me light package Tierney Salons


Icy Blonde Highlights

However, if you love your blonde to be beaming from how bright it is, this icy blonde trend might be more up your alley. Be warned, this colour requires a lot of maintenance, but the results are totally worth it. The icy effect comes from violet and blue tones to give your hair a frosty finish.

A short bob or a shag will make this look even more stunning and on-trend.

Short hair cut and all over blonde colour hertfordshire


Dark Burgundy Hair

Last but certainly not least, this burgundy hair colour is a beautiful red based shade that laces together brown and purple hues, comparable to a rich glass of Merlot. This colour trend is ideal if you want to add a bit of colour in a more subtle way.

It is easier to achieve this plum burgundy hair colour when starting off with darker hair, however, our stylist will help you accomplish your desired look with our tinting service.

Hair colour matching your eyes


If you saw a colour trend that you liked, we would absolutely love to make it happen for you at our Hertford hair salon! Check out our colour services and packages, or get in contact with us so we can talk about how to achieve your colour goals.