Advanced Artistry

Now here we really get to play and push the boundaries!

We are a creative colour hair salon and these services are for those of you who want to be BOLD.

Vivid Colours are just that: VIVID, BRIGHT AND INTENSE finishes. These are playful and will fade over time, some sooner than others depending on the product that we use but they will always fade.

But you know what that means? We get to change it up most appointments and let you unleash the colour inside.

All these services are add-ons to our Lighten and Glaze services.

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Lighten & Glaze

Scary word this but… BLEACH! Our Lighten and Glaze services are all scalp bleach services; the only way to achieve that all-over, root-to-end lightest blonde and the only way to prepare the hair for truly vivid colours. Think Marylin Monroe, Gwen Stefani and Debbie Harry.

These services all come with one Glaze All Over service. If a second glaze, a root shadow glaze, or vivid colour is required they will be charged additionally.

Please note: If you have very long or thick hair that will take extra time and product, then there will be an additional charge.



Level 4

Level 2

Vivid Colour (1 Hour 30 Mins)
Root Shadow Vivid Colour (1 Hr 45 M)
Placement (1 Hour 45 Mins)
Lighten & Glaze Virgin - Short (2 Hr 30 M)
Lighten & Glaze Virgin - Long (3 Hr)
Lighten & Glaze < 6 Weeks - Short (2 Hr)
Lighten & Glaze < 6 Weeks - Long (2 Hr)
Lighten & Glaze 6+ Weeks - Short
Lighten & Glaze 6+ Weeks - Long
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