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Well, where have you been hiding if you’ve not heard about balayage?

Deriving from French, meaning “to sweep”, this trend has earned its place in the hall of the well and truly famous. But what actually is balayage? Balayage is a skilled technique where the hair colour is painted (or swept) onto the hair. It creates flawless dimension whilst adding a natural-looking highlight effect on the hair, and ultimately aims to lighten the area it is placed on.

Balayage has managed to go from being a fad to a powerhouse of staple colour techniques. Beautifully lived in and low maintenance or high impact looks. Balayage has become a heading of a multitude of incredible looks. 

At our Hertford balayage hairdressers, our services do not include toners, Olaplex hair treatment, styling or cuts with their price.

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Hand-painted lights, blended roots

No matter what balayage service you choose with us at our Hertford hair salon, you will not be disappointed with the results. To see the true artist come out in your stylist, balayage is the way forward. If you’re used to having an all-over full head colour and you’re wanting to experiment with something more, ask your stylist for our incredible Luxe Lights service. Creating little pops of natural light around the face, it’s a great way to explore this stunningly beautiful look.

To read more, why not check out our blog for all you need to know about balayage? Find out why we’re Hertfordshire’s best hairdressers for balayage.

Please note: If you have very long or thick hair that will take extra time and product, then there will be an additional charge. All balayage hair salon services must be accompanied by a haircut and style or a style service. 

Balayage Services

If you already have balayage and you just need a bit of maintenance, as long as you are visiting us within 14 weeks of your last balayage appointment, then our Balayage Top Up service is for you.  

Time for a change and fancy lightening yourself up without the maintenance of highlights? Or if you haven’t been to us for a balayage in over 14 weeks, then it’s Balayage Transformation time!

The best balayage Hertforshire has to offer. Now this is serious stuff, the ultimate in hardcore lifting balayage! With this service, our balayage hair stylists will achieve the maximum amount of lift possible while respecting the quality and condition of your hair.

Love a hair salon balayage but you’ve got those pesky whites coming through? Fear not! During our Root Blend Balayage service, our hair stylists will blend your whites away and paint you up with ribbons of lights all in one go.

Ever feel like your balayage is getting a bit blocky and you’ve lost all your colour definition? Then it's time for a Colour Melt and Balayage! Beautiful ribbons of light that you’d expect with one of our balayage services, but adding more natural colours in between the lights to create a background colour which will enhance the lights and make them pop even more. 

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Mega Transformation
Root Blend & Balayage
Colour Melt & Balayage
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