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“Flawless foiling” is one of our mantras. This classic technique of highlighting and lowlighting hair has held the test of time.

It is still relevant and stunningly beautiful.

What is hair foiling? Foil highlights are a method of lightening used to brighten up the hair and touch up any regrowth. Unlike balayage which is painted free-hand, the hair is isolated carefully into sections to create seamless blends of highs and lows, for a truly multifaceted colour. 

Here at our Hertford salon, we offer different highlighting services so you can achieve the precise look you want.

Please note: If you have very long or thick hair that will take extra time and product, then there will be an additional charge.

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Classic Foiling

Seamless multi-tonal colours crafted with elegantly placed, meticulously consistent foils. Literal eye candy. This staple colouring technique is here to stay and we love it. Think soft blends of highs and lows in combination with your natural colour. To the root baby lights, highlights and teasy lights.

Our highlight services do not include toners, Olaplex, styling or cuts with their price.

Back-to-Back Foiling

Classic foils but on steroids. Less natural think more impactful. This highlight service leaves hardly any of your natural colour out of the foil, so they are SUPER BLONDE. Get prepared for a heavy head, there are some major amounts of foil applied here.

These services do not include toners, Olaplex, styling or cuts with their price.

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Level 4

Level 2

Face Frame (1 Hour)
Partial (1 Hour 45 Mins)
Half Head (2 Hours)
3/4 Head (2 Hours 15 Mins)
Full Head (2 Hours 30 Mins)
Back to Back Half Head (2 Hours 30 Mins)
Back to Back Full Head (3 Hours)
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