Hair Toning

You better glaze that hair!

The perfect way to finish off any lightening service. When we lift hair, it’s an indiscriminate lift; there’s no specific colour that it lifts to, just what can be achieved by the product and your hair. Our hair toning services help you achieve the hues of your dreams.

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These results will generally always look raw – think peroxide blondes of back in the day. Well thanks to demi and quasi colours, peroxide blonde IS a look of the past. We can manipulate the lift in LOADS of different ways now, creating truly bespoke finishes just for you!

Please note: If you have very long or thick hair that will take extra time and product, then there will be an additional charge.



Level 4

Level 2

Glaze with Colour (15 Mins)
Glaze Without Colour (30 Mins)
Root Shadow Glaze (45 Mins)
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