Should I Ombre My Hair? Everything You Need to Know About Ombre

4 October 2021 | Tincture and Colour

Ombre has been around for a while now, but with so many colour techniques to choose from, we understand it can be overwhelming to know which one is right for you.

So sit back and keep on reading so we can fill you in on everything you need to know about ombre. 


What is Ombre?

Ombre is a colouring technique that will result in your ends being a different colour to your mid-lengths and roots. But, of course, we would never leave the colour looking blocky or harsh. Instead, we diffuse the line by blending it upwards, creating a gradient effect from one colour to another. 

If you’re familiar with balayages, this might sound quite similar. But actually, ombre is done by applying the lightener horizontally and tends to only be a few inches from the ends of the hair. 

It’s all about the blend with ombre, rather than the dimension you see with balayages.


Should I Ombre My Hair? Here’s 6 Reasons to Try It

  1. Ombre Is Very Low Maintenance

Ombre is probably one of the most low maintenance colour options out there. Why? Because it is only placed on the ends of your hair. Since the technique blends your colour seamlessly into your existing hair colour, your hair growth will not affect it.

That being said, with regular haircuts, your ombre will be snipped away over time, which will have it sitting lower and lower on the hair.


  1. Ombre Is Less Damaging Than Other Colour Options

Any lightening or colouring process will always inevitably cause damage (although, this damage will be very minimal when you visit a hair salon). However, if you compare ombre to an all over colour, it is much less damaging.

This is because lightener is only placed on the ends of your hair, therefore leaving the top of the head untouched. 


  1. Ombre Adds Serious Dimension

Natural, virgin hair usually has a small amount of dimension, due to it being exposed to sunlight and other environmental factors. However, the sun will never give you dimension like an ombre does…

When you add more than one colour to the hair, you get this beautiful array of tones going through the hair that make it look so much more voluminous and thick. Although it’s an illusion, it seriously works!


  1. Ombre Adds a Youthful Glow

Speaking of illusions, ombre can do much more magic than making your hair appear thicker. Ombre is an excellent way to add a playful touch to the hair, whilst also making your facial features pop.

This is because lighter pieces around the face illuminates your complexion.


  1. Ombre Doesn’t Require Full Commitment

If you’re not completely sold on the idea of colouring your hair, then ombre could be perfect for you. Ombre is a great first step for those new to hair dye as, after all, we’re only colouring half your hair or less. 


  1. Ombre Helps You Unleash Your Personality

The fabulous thing about ombre is that you don’t have to stick to light browns and blondes. Many people opt for creative colours, such as pastel pink or bright copper. The possibilities are truly endless, so ombre is your chance to show off your personality through your hair.


How Often Can You Ombre Hair?

If you keep your hair healthy and have regular trims to get rid of split ends, ombre should last you around two to five months. Since it sits on your ends, it won’t grow out as highlights do, so regular top-ups are not necessary.

To keep your colour for as long as possible, you’ll want to wash your hair fewer times a week and make sure you aren’t using clarifying shampoos, which strip colour from the hair.

That being said, if you want to keep your colour as bright and vibrant as when you stepped out of the salon, then you might want to come back in a little sooner. There’s nothing better than freshening your locks up at the salon for a flawless look!


A Similar Alternative to Ombre: Balayage

Not quite sure if ombre is for you, but you’re looking for similar results? Balayage is another popular colouring technique, where lightener is “swept” onto the hair, creating a very natural and dimensional finish. 

It still has the low maintenance features of an ombre, but you’ll be getting a more natural look.

Brown balayage hair on client at Tierney Salons

Summary: Should I Ombre My Hair?

  1. Ombre Is Very Low Maintenance
  2. Ombre Is Less Damaging Than Other Colour Options
  3. Ombre Adds Serious Dimension
  4. Ombre Adds A Youthful Glow
  5. Ombre Doesn’t Require Full Commitment
  6. Ombre Helps You Unleash Your Personality


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