Step Aside, Copper – Cherry Cola Hair Is Taking Centre Stage

17 October 2023 | Tincture and Colour

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Move over, copper! Cherry cola hair, a ’90s-inspired trend, is back on the beauty scene and is stealing the spotlight. 

So, what’s all the hype about? Cherry cola hair mirrors all the colours of the much-loved fizzy drink, cherry coke! If you’re eager to know how to rock this cool throwback style and make a stylish statement with your hair, keep reading!

What is Cherry Cola Hair?

Cherry cola hair blends deep reds and chocolatey browns. It’s not as loud as fiery red, but it surely makes a statement that turns heads! It also plays with the light, showcasing various tones. It’s a bold choice that brings dimension to your hair, often achieved through various colouring techniques like ombre or balayage.

What’s the Process of Achieving the Perfect Cherry Cola Shade?

Before you rock the cherry cola hair, let’s cover the basics. Your hair type, its condition, and your skin tone are all factors to consider when pulling off that show-stopping cola-inspired style!

Hair Type

Not many people know about their hair’s porosity. What is it? Well, think of hair porosity like a sponge, if your hair has high porosity, it quickly soaks up colour, giving you bold, intense hues. 

On the other hand, low porosity hair takes its sweet time to evenly spread the colour. Your hair type is a real game-changer, determining the final result of your dyed hair.

Current Colour

Going from a vastly different hair colour to cherry cola isn’t a quick pit stop; it’s more like a road trip. Each person’s journey is distinct, primarily dictated by their starting hair colour and type. Depending on the starting point, the hair might need to undergo lightening through bleaching or colour-stripping methods to create a suitable base for the cherry cola shade. Patience and professional guidance are essential for a successful transformation.

Hair Condition

When your hair is in great shape and well taken care of, it forms the perfect foundation for a successful dark red transformation. Well-maintained hair not only increases your chances of achieving the desired shade but also helps maintain that vibrant look. 

Healthy hair, with its optimal moisture and structure balance, readily absorbs and retains the dark red pigments, showcasing the intended colour vibrancy. Furthermore, a well-maintained mane is less prone to issues like breakage and uneven colour absorption, ensuring a smooth and appealing transition to dark red.

Conditioning your hair regularly and limiting heat exposure will help with this. We love Davines products for this, especially their OI Hair Butter!

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Skin Tone

The true magic of cherry cola hair lies in its versatility, as it complements a wide range of skin tones with, whether fair or deep. It enhances your natural features, making it appealing for everyone! 

So, if you’re seeking a hair colour that is captivating and adaptable, cherry cola hair might just be your perfect match. To find the best tones for your skin, hold up different colours near your eyes. This trick helps you pick hues that suit your complexion best!

Achieving the Perfect Cherry Cola Look

Now, let’s explore the various ways to rock the Cherry Cola Hair trend: through ombre, highlights, or a complete colour transformation. 


cherry cola

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Cherry Cola ombre is a smooth blend from your natural colour at the roots to Cherry Cola at the tips. This gradient effect offers a beautiful and subtle transition that catches the eye. The beauty lies in its versatility. If you are searching for a more natural look, ombre is the way to go!


cherry coke highlights

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Introducing cherry cola highlights to your current hair colour injects a splash of excitement and dimension. Strategically placed highlights infuse rich reddish-brown tones throughout your hair, creating movement and depth. Cherry Cola highlights offer versatility—you decide how intense and where you want them.

All Out:

cherry coke hair

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Going all out would mean applying the rich red and brown hues from the roots to the tips, creating a bold and captivating look for your hair.

How to Maintain the Cherry Cola Hair Colour:

Knowing how to maintain your cherry cola hair colour is key to keeping it looking fabulous. Start by choosing shampoos and conditioners specifically made for coloured hair to preserve the vividness of the shade. Also opt for lukewarm or cold water when washing your hair to prevent the colour from fading quickly. Deep conditioning treatments are the cherry on top (we couldn’t help ourselves), to keep your hair moisturised and the colour looking fresh.

Ease up on heat styling to avoid damage and breakage, and always use a heat protectant when you do. Regular touch-ups with a colourist are like periodic boosts of magic to maintain that delightful cherry cola hue. Embrace this routine, and your cherry cola hair will be the envy of all!

Get Cherry Cola Hair at Tierney Salons!

If you’re ready to bring your cherry cola hair vision to reality, we’d be thrilled to be a part of your transformation. Even if you haven’t quite decided yet or need a stylist to check out your hair, then you can book a consultation at Tierney Salons and we’ll get you sorted with our team of talented stylists

At Tierney Salons, we guarantee you expert guidance and skilful execution to achieve that perfect cherry cola shade. So why wait? Book an appointment now and let’s bring your hair vision to life.