Meet the Team

Hertford Hairdressers

Here you’ll find photos and biographies of all our talented Hertford Hairdressers so you can get to know us a little better.

We all love hairdressing, and have a passionate commitment to make all our clients look and feel fabulous in our Hertford Salon!

Jason Tierney

Level 5 Stylist and Wella Colour Master

Alright everyone?!

I’m Jason, Owner and Salon Director of Tierney Salons!

I started my career in hairdressing in London, all the way back in 2006. Now, to tell you the truth I’m not one of those people who always dreamt of being a hairdresser, I wanted to be an English teacher! I know right, just a little bit different. 

I ended up falling into hairdressing and falling in love with it when I was 17.

The people, the creativity, the music and the laughter. I remember thinking on my trial day, “mate, if this is work, sign me up right now!”.

I was incredibly lucky to undergo an apprenticeship at an internationally renowned company, with an incredible training programme and world-class educators.

I was inspired and trained by some of the industry’s most celebrated hairdressers (more British Hairdressing Awards and nominations than you can shake a stick at!), and I quickly found out that my real love was education, remember the English teacher aspirations? Well, now I had big dreams of becoming an educator and being part of a creative team.

First off though, I had to get qualified.

I dedicated myself to all things hairdressing, knowing that if I wanted to achieve my goals, I had to always learn, grow and refine my skills.

Fast forward 10 years… I’d been working and living in Hertfordshire for 4 years. Different company but with all the same goals.

2016 was an incredible year for my career.

I was accepted onto the Junior Creative Team for the company I was working for. I had finally become a Technical Educator! I had a class of NVQ students that I taught every Wednesday, at their academy in Camden. As well as weekly sessions with my own assistants from the salon I was working in. 

I was incredibly fortunate to work alongside the Senior Creative Team, led by Akin Konizi, 4-time winner of the British Hairdressing Awards and Hall of Fame member. Shows, seminars, photo shoots – you name it, and I was there!

That wasn’t the only achievement that year! I was also accepted into the Wella Colour Master Programme. The highest level of education that Wella offer. 

I geeked out so hard! A whole year-long course at the Wella World Studio London, alongside all of the incredible stuff at the Academy in Camden.

Being surrounded by so many talented people, really pushed me to be the best version of myself that I could be.

Then it happened, in 2019 I set up my own salon.

My chance to nurture and grow my own business and my own team.

I’ve loved every minute so far and I’m filled with gratitude to everyone who’s enabled me to get here. Hairdressers and clients alike.

Come join the fun, see you soon.



Level 3 Stylist and Technician

Hiya, my name is Chloe and I’m a level 3 Stylist and Technician at Tierney Salons.

Hairdressing has always been a career dream and passion of mine.

I started my journey at the age of 14 as a Saturday assistant. Once I left school I knew what my next steps should be.

I trained at the same internationally renowned salon group that Jason did, working at 3 of their busy salons across London and Hertfordshire. 

While working there, I specialised in colour and underwent their rigorous training scheme.

I love, love, love colour! 

At my previous salon, I worked hard to become the Colour Director, attaining the Goldwell Master Colourist Degree, the highest level of education that Goldwell offer, but that wasn’t all. I expanded my cutting knowledge to make sure that I was a fully rounded stylist, being trained by some incredible international educators!

I wanted to be able to look after everyone’s hair needs, not just their colour dreams.

I believe you never stop learning and it’s so, so important to continually grow, education is key! 

That’s why I was so excited to undertake all the curly hair training provided by Jason and Beth.

I aim to deliver top-tier colours, and fantastic cuts, all wrapped up with great customer service and entertainment from me and the rest of the team at the salon.

I can’t wait to meet you and make you feel right at home with us. 

See you soon x


Level 2 Stylist and Technician

Hey everyone I’m Beth!

I’ve been hairdressing since 2019. Around a year after I’d qualified for my NVQ level 2 with a distinction, I decided I needed more from my career than my previous salon was giving me and really wanted to expand my skills and learn more about the hairdressing industry.

I’ve now been at Tierney Salons since 2021 and it’s been the best thing that’s happened to my career, education and personal growth journey.

I’ve been shown a whole new world in the hairdressing industry. Courses at the Wella World Studio London, attending industry events like the live final of the International Trend Vision Awards and the expansion of my skills, I’ve really enjoyed learning new techniques, and trying out new ideas.

One of my big passions in my day-to-day life at Tierney Salons is colour! All things colour excite me but especially blondes.

Not only have I learned new colouring and cutting techniques, but I’ve worked very closely with Jason to learn all things curly!

I love helping to guide my clients on how to bring the best out of their curls, from colour to cut and most importantly their hair care routines and give them advice when it comes to products and styling so that every day can be a great curly hair day!

If you book an appointment with me, I will do my very best to make sure you feel listened to, and your desires and wants are heard and achieved, while maintaining an open and honest conversation, understanding whatwe can achieve and recommending the best way forward. 

I hope to see you soon, for a good chat about your hair and everything else besides. 

Come for the hair, stay for the laughs.



Hello, my name is Alex.

My first exposure to the hairdressing industry was in 2015, when I started my level 1 NVQ whilst I was still in secondary school. In year 10 I was put on a day release programme with my local college. I loved it so much that once I left secondary school, I couldn’t wait to do my level 2.

I qualified, completing my level 2 NVQ with a distinction in 2019.

Since then, I’ve worked with different colour brands, product lines and salons, gaining experience in all aspects of hairdressing.

Joining Tierney Salons and getting to work alongside Jason and the team has been so exciting, I’ve learnt so much and love how dedicated everyone is to continually learning and growing. From day one I felt at home and like I was part of the family, so I know that you will too.

I love all aspects of hairdressing, but colour really gets me going, from the bold, vibrant and beautiful to the most natural, sun-kissed and delicate.

Don’t hesitate to come in for a consultation with me, let’s get you on the road to achieving your hair goals!

See you soon,

Alex x



Hey, I’m Tommy. I’m the assistant at Tierney Salons.

I’m currently doing my NVQ one day a week at the company that Jason used to teach at in Camden. I’m also doing in-salon training with Jason once a week!

You’ll see me supporting the team around the salon, shadowing them and learning my craft over the next couple of years.

I’m excited to be on my journey to becoming a qualified stylist. 

See you at the backwash for a shampoo and head massage!