Terms and Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy

We have a ‘no refund policy’ on services and protect your purchases with our iron-clad guarantee.

The Tierney Salons Guarantee

If in the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with the results of your service, please tell us so we can put it right.

Not only will we re-do it for FREE but we will also credit your account with a FREE future service!

We have complete confidence in our ability to delight you which is why we offer this 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee.

On Products

If in the unlikely event you decide you don’t like your products purchased which were recommended by one of our stylists, we will offer you an exchange for another replacement product recommended by your stylist within 7 days based on minimum usage at home and that you have followed the right usage instructions.

Vouchers/Packages Purchased Online

Refunds are offered within 5 days of your online purchase prior to redeeming any services by emailing your request to jason@tierneysalons-com.stormpr.uk or calling the salon. Please Note  if you have booked your service at the salon we require 48 hours notice to cancel, Failing to do so will invalidate your voucher or any refund.

Our packages and deals come with their own specific terms and conditions which are subject to change. Please read all our terms and conditions before purchasing any or our deals or packages. If a late deal is posted without the full terms and conditions it will still state that terms and conditions apply or t’s & c’s for short. Always ask for full t’s & c’s when calling to book a deal so you fully understand them.

Offers are subject to availability and terms can change on packages at any time.

We require the name and details of the person who will be redeeming the package so we can credit their account.

After purchasing online you will download a voucher to hand to your friend or use yourself. This has no monetary value and is only valid with the person named as the recipient of the voucher and cannot be exchanged for cash value.

You must keep your PayPal receipt as proof of purchase.

Vouchers which are included in some of packages have their own t’s & c’s which may include the voucher being valid with selected stylists on selected days. These vouchers can NOT be sold on, they have no monetary value and can only be redeemed by the package purchaser unless the terms state otherwise or unless a change of hands is agreed with the salon.

Monetary vouchers are valid against full priced hair services only (unless otherwise stated) and cannot be used to purchase retail, discounted deals, other packages or services. Free vouchers and complimentary vouchers (for example voucher we hand out as bonuses within the local community or included in deals) are also only valid against full priced hair services only with only one deal being valid per visit (unless otherwise state). Please check the terms with us. No vouchers can be resold.

Only one offer can ever be redeemed at any one visit.

Our Paid for Vouchers never expire but they are subject to change of terms and our packages are subject to change each year.

Cancelation Policy

We have a strict 24hr notice cancelation policy in place to try to reduce the tens of thousands of pounds in lost revenue every year.

When you book an appointment, we enter into a verbal legal contract that you agree to turn up for a specific service and to pay for it.

When you don’t show up it is lost revenue for our business & designers. We cannot sell this time again once it’s gone, and we need at least 24 hours notice to try to re-sell this time.

Our designers are in high demand and we can be turning clients away because we have agreed that appointment to you so we ask out of courtesy to other clients, to your designer and to the salon to please give us 24 hours notice.

We have a legal right to charge you the FULL PRICE for the service you have booked, even if you do not show up, in line with the verbal agreement you enter into when booking this appointment.

We understand there may sometimes be extenuating circumstances therefore when you have failed to give us 24 hours notice to cancel, we may offer you the chance to rebook within 7 days and we will cancel any charge that we will invoice you for a missed appointment.

We hope you can understand this is a necessary policy for ALL salons, therapists, etc who earn their income by selling time to you to perform the service.

Thanks for your understanding… don’t forget your designer has the final say, so call and chat to them if you have circumstances out with the rules above that you would like us to consider and we will be happily do so.