Textured vs Layered Hair: Which Is Right For You?

27 April 2023 | Hairstyles

Most of you reading this blog will know what layered hair is, but hands up if you can truthfully say you know exactly what textured hair is. Not sure? Don’t worry – we’ll explain everything and then all you’ll have to do is to decide between textured vs layered hair for your next ‘do!

In the layered vs textured hair debate, one thing that the two styles have in common is that they’re both techniques that add extra movement, volume and interest to your hair. 

So what’s the difference between textured and layered hair – and which is right for your hair type, the look you’re going for and even your lifestyle? 


Textured Versus Layered Hair: What’s The Difference?

First of all, to help you decide between layers vs texture, let’s look a little closer at what each involves.

What Is Textured Hair?

Although textured hair might sound like it just means adding product to give your hair more, well, texture, it is actually a technique that involves thinning out or snipping off some of the bulkier sections of your locks. 

And when we say ‘snipping off’ rest assured that we mean this in the most professional manner possible!

What Is Layered Hair?

When your hairstylist layers your hair, they are cutting it in such a way that the ends of your hair fall at different lengths, generally speaking from shorter at the top to longer at the bottom. 

As we’ve already mentioned, when it comes to layered vs textured hair, both will give you extra bounce and movement by thinning out heavier sections of your hair thereby creating the illusion of layers or more texture.


Layered Versus Textured Hair: Which Should You Choose

Okay, so now we know a little more about what layered and textured haircuts are and we know that they’re both designed to give similar-ish end results with regards to volume, how on earth are you meant to choose between them?

Let’s break it down to get to the root (tenuous hair pun alert…) of which is right for you.

Why Should I Get Layers In My Hair?

If you’re wondering if you should get layers in your hair, here, in handy list format, are some of the things we love about layers:

  • They give the illusion of longer hair thanks to the contrast between the long and short layers
  • They help thin out thicker, coarser and heavier hair to give it more life
  • They add volume and bounce to flat or limp hair
  • Long layers are a great alternative to extensions, giving the look of longer hair without the time or financial investment 

Why Should I Get Textured Hair?

We have to be upfront here. A few of the things we love about layers also apply to textured haircuts: namely the volume and movement and the thinning out of thicker, heavier sections of hair.

So why the textured vs layered hair debate we hear you cry. 

Textured hairstyles have a few unique plus points of their own. For example:

  • If your current haircut feels a little blunt, texturising it will make the style less harsh by softening the edges
  • Textured hair works well with shorter styles making it fab for highlighting your cheekbones or even your eyes
  • If you favour a low-maintenance ‘do, textured hair is usually easy to wash, style and go
  • Best of all, you can see if textured hair works for you by playing around with products before booking an appointment with your salon  


In reality, when it comes down to layers vs texture, which you choose will really be determined by your hair type and length. 

In short, layers work best with thick hair of any length while textured haircuts are better suited to short hair. Texturising does work well with the majority of hair types although you might want to get your hairdresser’s opinion if your hair is thin as there may be better styles for you.


How To Create Textured Hair At Home

Did we pique your interest just now by telling you that you can experiment with textured hairstyles at home before committing to the chop?

We thought we might have!

So how do you get the illusion of textured hair without involving scissors? 

There are plenty of products out there that will give your hair texture. But that’s not to say that they’re all created equal.

We love Davines’ This is a Texturizing Serum which provides hair with a lightweight texture and gives a light hold. It also conditions and softens your locks without weighing them down, making it perfect for both short and long hair.

We also really like the fact that it can be mixed and matched with other Davines hair styling products to give you more ways to get creative when it comes to styling your hair.

Meanwhile, if it’s a piecey textured look and a strong hold you’re after, try This is a Strong Dry Wax, also by Davines.

Unlike many waxes on the market, this product doesn’t leave you with unsightly globs of residue but it WILL result in separation and soft definition with a side order of matte texture.


Layers Versus Texture At Tierney Salons Hertford

Have you come to an impasse in the textured vs layered hair debate? Not to worry – we can help. 

Whether you’re dead set on layers or you’ve played around with products at home and are ready to embrace a textured haircut, we’re the salon to talk to. 

Book your appointment online now or pick up the phone and give us a call and we’ll look forward to seeing you in the salon very soon!