The Theory Behind ‘Hair Theory’ and Why It Makes Sense

14 November 2023 | Hairstyles

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time scrolling on social media (like ourselves and many others), chances are you’ve come across the “hair theory” all over your For You page on TikTok. ‘Hair Theory,’ is a trend that’s sweeping through the world of fashion and beauty. But what is hair theory?

Simply, it’s not just about a new hairstyle; it’s about understanding and celebrating the power that changing our hair can have on our overall appearance and how we perceive ourselves.

What is Hair theory?

The ‘Hair Theory‘ concept centres around the idea that altering the way we style our hair can have a profound effect on how we feel about ourselves. This trend encourages individuals to experiment with diverse hairstyles, hair partings, and hair accessories to showcase the versatility and impact of these subtle yet potent changes. 

At the heart of ‘Hair Theory’ is the concept of transformation. A simple change in the way we wear our hair can change the way we feel about ourselves. You can give it a go by trying the smallest changes: tuck your hair behind your ears, arrange an updo like a messy bun.

Experimentation and Versatility

From sleek updos to flowing waves, from bold braids to chic ponytails, you can experiment with hair theory to discover healthy hair styles in a range of diverse looks and discover what resonates best with your individuality.

Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with hairstyles you have never considered before, or change your hair parting to enhance different parts of your face shape and change how you perceive your own features.

One of the beautiful aspects of ‘Hair Theory’ is its inclusivity. Everyone can participate in this trend, regardless of their natural hair type, length, or colour. 

The Art of Experimenting

Here are various ways to experiment with ‘Hair Theory’ and gauge how they make you feel:

Natural and Down:

If you find that you are constantly brushing your hair back, why not let your hair down? Choosing a natural, down hairstyle is an effortless beauty approach. 

Half Up, Half Down:

half up half down

Image credit – Pinterest

The half up, half down hairstyle offers a versatile mix of relaxation and chic. When hair is styled this way it smoothly adapts from informal to formal settings, making it great for many occasions.

Sleek Bun:

Opting for a slicked back bun is a practical decision, especially for those aiming to maintain tidy hair and keep it away from their face. Tucking your hair behind your ear can give the impression of a lengthened jawline and neck, enhancing an overall elongated appearance.

Secured with a Claw Clip:

hair in claw clip

Image credit – Pinterest

Styling your hair with a claw clip provides both practicality and a stylish edge. It indicates a person’s creative inclination and willingness to experiment with various looks while still valuing functionality.


Hair accessories play a vital role in enhancing the impact of hair styling. From hairpins and clips to headbands and scarves, the right accessory can elevate a hairstyle, turning it into a work of art.

The Impact of Side Parts

The simple act of changing your hair parting can have a profound effect on your overall look. A side part, for instance, can significantly alter the balance of your facial features. It can frame your face, accentuate certain angles, and even create a sense of asymmetry that adds character. 

Embrace Your Unique Style with ‘Hair Theory’

Discovering the power of ‘Hair Theory’ is an exciting journey into the world of hair styling. Each style, whether it’s the effortless natural look, the versatile half up, half down, the sleek sophistication of a bun, or the creative flair of a claw clip, offers an opportunity to express yourself uniquely.

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