Top Tips For Maintaining Blonde Hair: Hertford Hairdressers

30 July 2021 | Tincture and Colour

Having golden locks comes with the natural worry that your blonde will fade or change between salon visits. But do not fear, we have some expert tips on how to maintain blonde hair, so you can remain as your best blonde self, every day! 


How to Maintain Blonde Hair At Home

So, you’ve taken the plunge and gone blonde. Now it’s time to starting maintaining your blonde hair to keep that “fresh out the salon” look.


  1. Opt for Toner at the Salon

Hair toner is a Godsend when it comes to creating those beautiful bespoke shades of blonde. If your hair has lifted to a yellow or brassy tone after bleach, then toner is the best fix. 

But not only does it work magic on the tone of your hair, but it also increases the longevity of your blonde and ensures it stays the perfect colour until your next appointment. So, it’s definitely worth opting for a toner if you want a long-lasting blonde.


  1. Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

We know how tempting it is to want fresh hair every day, but, luckily for you, blonde hair hides grease very well. Washing your hair often can strip away any toner that has been used to create your blonde. Not only this, but overwashing your hair can lead to damage, which you don’t want after having your hair bleached.

Instead, try to wash your hair around 3 times a week. Also, avoid any clarifying shampoos, as these are very harsh on the hair and are often used purposefully to remove colour faster.


  1. Use Purple Shampoo Correctly

For those who have been blonde a while, we’re sure that this product needs no introduction. However, if you didn’t know, purple shampoo uses purple pigment to neutralise any yellow or brassy tones in the hair. So if you’re a cooler blonde, then you might consider using it at home to maintain your tone. 

That being said, we advise you proceed with caution! Firstly, it is so important to wait until your toner is completely gone before resorting to the purple shampoo. This is because it can actually strip the colour molecule from your hair, meaning your toner will fade faster. 

Not only this, but purple shampoo should be used sparingly. When over-used, it can leave the hair looking a disastrous mixture of grey and green. We’re sure you won’t be pleased with muddy-looking locks! 

So, in order to use purple shampoo to its full potential, here are some of our best practices:

  • Opt for a lilac or lavender shade of shampoo, avoiding any blue looking options.
  • Enjoy having your gorgeous toner and wait until it has completely faded.
  • Use the purple shampoo only when you notice brassy tones, or every 3rd or 4th wash.


  1. Prevent Damage with Hair Masks and Treatments

Since your hair has likely been exposed to bleach to create your blonde, your ends are more susceptible to damage. A key part of maintaining blonde hair is to keep it looking fresh and healthy, so your hair would greatly appreciate some love from time to time!

Any hair masks or hair treatments can be used to keep your hair nice and healthy. If your hair is becoming compromised, we have many hair salon treatments available to get it back in prime condition. Or, opt for an at-home hair treatment such as Olaplex No.3 after having an Olaplex treatment in the salon.


  1. Reduce the Amount of Heat You Use

This one might be difficult if you have a habit of using blow dryers or styling tools every day. However, heat can seriously damage bleached hair, so try to avoid it when you can. Try letting your hair dry naturally and feel how much softer it is! 

If you just can’t part ways with your hair styling tools, always make sure you use a strong heat protectant and try not to expose your hair to heat for too long.


  1. Visit the Salon Regularly 

For most blondes, you’ll be accustomed to the high amount of maintenance your hair needs. If you have a blonde balayage, you’ll get away with having fewer touch-ups. Highlights are another story, but it is so worth having regular highlights if you love the bright-blonde look!

However, for all blondes, regular trims are essential. Unfortunately, split ends can be inevitable when you have bleached hair. We’re not asking you to chop off inches of hair, but small trims to be rid of those split-ends can make your hair look 100 times healthier. 


Summary: Maintaining Blonde Hair

  1. Opt for toner at the salon
  2. Wash your hair less frequently 
  3. Use purple shampoo correctly
  4. Prevent damage with hair masks and treatments
  5. Reduce the amount of heat you use
  6. Visit the salon regularly


Maintain Your Blonde with The Best Hair Salon in Hertford

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