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11 September 2020 | Tincture and Colour

Have you heard of Wella hair colours? We are proud to be a Wella salon and here’s why. 

What Is Wella Hair Colour?

To describe it in one word, wella hair colour is creativity. With more than 140 years experience and industry-changing innovations, the brand allows hairdressers to create radical, bold makeovers but also natural enhancements with more shine and depth. 

The professional hair dyes range from permanent to semi and demi-permanent colours and come in a vast variety of shades to help us achieve your dream colour to a tee. Whether you want a vibrant red or a deep brown, Wella salon colours have you covered.

At Tierney Salons, we have a range of Wella salon services, including: hair glossing, tinting, glaze and root shadow toning. 

Hair in great condition with incredible shine

The Benefits of Using Wella Colour

Achieve a perfect colour whilst leaving your hair in uncompromising condition and with an incredible shine. 

Wella boasts one of the most extensive and varied product portfolios in the industry. With such a large variety of colours in arm’s reach, we can accomplish any look. From bold and creative bursts of colour to a natural, classy look, Wella allows us to give you a shade that suits your style flawlessly. 

Creative Vibrant Hair Colour Hertford Hairdressers

Is Wella Hair Colour Damaging?

Many of our readers will know that chemicals such as ammonia can cause damage to the hair. So does Wella hair colour contain ammonia? The short answer is yes. For a hair dye to penetrate the hair and give you long lasting results, a chemical needs to open up the hair cuticle to allow the dye to be absorbed. 

However, in the salon, we have had years of colour training and experience. Rest assured, we know how to achieve your desired look with minimal damage. The condition of your hair will always be evaluated before every service. And you will not leave our salon without a range of tips on taking care of your new shiny mane. 

That being said, if you aren’t looking to commit just yet to a colour or need a colour correction, Wella have ammonia-free colours! These colours simply sit on top of the hair cuticle, leaving you with a beautiful, shiny finish without the commitment. We’ll talk through all your options at your appointment to find the most suitable fit for your hair.

Wella Colour Salon Hertford

We are a Wella Colour Salon in Hertford! Our Salon Director, Jason, completed the prestigious ‘Wella Master Colour Programme’ in 2016, making him a Wella Master Colour Expert. This reputable course allows stylists who partake to understand colour in depth, as well as all aspects that relate to colour. Let’s just say that the ‘expert’ part of the title is not an understatement!

We take pride in having Wella hair stylists on hand and ready to give you a jaw-dropping new style. So, if you are looking for Wella hairdressers, you can find us in Hertford! 

Ready to find out just how incredible Wella colours are? Check out our colour services here and get excited for your beautiful colour transformation with Wella!