What Is A Hair Glaze? Here’s What You Need To Know

23 May 2022 | Tincture and Colour

Let’s see, you’ve heard the term “hair glaze” and thought to yourself…not another hair term I have no idea about! 

So what is a hair glaze? We’ve got the answers you’ve been looking for, and once you find out, you may be interested in getting a hair glaze yourself…


What is a hair glaze?

There’s so many colour treatments nowadays…hair gloss, hair toner, hair glaze; we completely see why you might be lost. So, to put it simply, a hair glaze is a shine-boosting, non-permanent hair colour treatment. Its sole purpose is to add life to the hair by enhancing the underlying tones, leaving it with a healthy glow.

A hair glaze is comparable to the top coat of a manicure: it adds shine whilst amplifying and locking in the hues underneath.

With that being said, a hair glaze is a suitable option for many types of services. It can be used:


  • To enliven natural hair
  • As a stand-alone hair colour
  • To tweak the tone of a hair colour
  • To correct uneven colours
  • To create shadow roots


You may not believe us when we tell you this, but it does all of the above without causing any damage! This is because a hair glaze does not penetrate the hair cuticle like normal colour; it sits on top of the hair, meaning those with damaged or compromised hair can enjoy new colours safely.


Woman with shiny red hair from using a hair glaze


Hair glaze vs hair gloss 

So, how is a hair glaze different from a hair gloss? The main difference between a hair glaze and hair gloss is that a gloss penetrates the hair cuticle, whereas a glaze is deposited on top of the hair shaft. This means that a gloss can last anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks, while a glaze lasts up to 2 weeks.

In other words, a hair glaze is non-permanent, and a hair gloss is semi-permanent.


So, which is the better option?


If you’re looking to experiment with different tones and hues, but don’t want the damage involved, then stick with a glaze. The same goes for those with already compromised hair.

However, if you want a better colour pay-off, then go with a gloss. You can learn more about hair gloss in our previous article, The Perfect Hair Glossing Treatment Using Redken Shades EQ here.

It’s important to note that neither option is permanent, so commitment is not a determining factor. Luckily, a quick hair consultation with us will have you sure which service is right for you.


The benefits of getting a Wella hair glaze

We’ve already touched on a couple of benefits of a hair glaze, however different hair glaze brands have different qualities in their own right. Our personal favourite is a new Wella hair glaze called Shinefinity.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some benefits of this incredible Wella hair glaze:


  1. There’s zero lift, zero damage involved

As hairdressers, when we see the word ‘zero’, you best believe we get excited. Since there’s a whole lot of zeros with this hair glaze, we would advise not to take a shot every time we say zero. In fact, Wella Shinefinity has…

  • Zero ammonia
  • Zero silicone 
  • Zero drying alcohol

…which creates zero lift and therefore zero damage.

So, for all of you sporting split ends, fine, fragile or dry hair, Wella Shinefinity will fix your colour cravings. Please, just put the box-dye down, we’re begging you! 


  1. It uses clever technology to ensure even results

If you’ve ever experienced patchy colour or colour that just didn’t look right, then your hair might be on the more porous side.

Not to worry; Shinefinity has a special PH balancing technology that works to ensure even, true to colour hues. 

For those interested, this is because the glaze starts off alkaline to allow the hair cuticle to swell, letting colour in, and then drops to a more acidic range to ensure the cuticle does not lift. 


  1. It can be used on pre-lightened, coloured or virgin hair

There’s really not much to say except that this Wella hair glaze can do it all. Whether you’ve just had your hair bleached and want a new colour, or if you have untouched hair that needs some reviving, Shinefinity is your answer.


  1. It can make colours appear more natural

Ever noticed your hair looking dull and lifeless? Sometimes, it just needs a little boost. The great thing about Shinefinity is that it works to enhance the natural undertones and hues in your hair, rather than simply depositing a colour on top.

This way, the hair will look more vibrant yet completely natural.


  1. It adds serious shine for the ultimate glossy finish

Last, but certainly not least, Shinefinity is your God-send for seriously shiny locks (it’s already in the name, duh!).

If you’ve ever seen a glazed donut, that’s the level of shininess we’re talking about with this Wella hair glaze. So, trust us, get ready for the shiniest, healthiest looking hair you’ve ever seen.


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