What Shade Of Blonde Is Right For Me?

23 February 2022 | Tincture and Colour

If you’ve gone blonde before, you know the struggle of thinking “what shade of blonde is right for me?” But if you haven’t just yet, then don’t panic!

We’re here to help you find the perfect shade for you, so stay tuned for our expert recommendations below.


How to know what tone will suit you

We all know that blonde comes in many shades and tones, to the point where it gets overwhelming. There’s literally a new shade every other week, how am I supposed to know if “coconut candy” or “tuscan sun” blonde are going to suit me (and what on Earth do those even mean)?

Firstly, we feel you. Secondly, here’s our advice.


What’s your natural hair colour?

The shades that are going to suit you the most usually depend on a couple of things. You can start by looking at your natural hair colour. Is it more warm or cool toned? 


What are your undertones?

Next, we’ll look at your skin’s undertones. There’s a few ways you can determine whether you’re more cool or warm toned. Take out your wrist and hold it up to the light. If your veins are more green, you have warm undertones, however blue or purple veins indicate warm undertones.

You can read more about this and also learn what hair colour matched your eyes in our previous blog here.

If you naturally have a warm hair colour and undertones, then warm blonde shades are for you. The same works vice versa.


BUT…at the end of the day, you do you! If you have cool undertones but want a gorgeous caramel blonde, then go for it. There are no rules in the hair world, so do what makes you happy.


What shade of blonde is right for me?

So, now you might have a vague idea of what tone you’re leaning towards. But what shade of blonde is right for me? We’ve gathered some super on-trend shades to help you out:


Honey Blonde

Have you been brainwashed into thinking the only acceptable way to have blonde hair is for it to be super ashy? Firstly: bleach, please. We think you should listen up. It’s time to explore other options before you settle for ash blonde.

Honey blonde is a fabulous way to incorporate warm tones into your hair without it being overbearing. It’s this beautiful mixture of golden, dark blonde and light brown shades. It really is as sweet as honey itself!

If you want to achieve honey blonde, a full head of highlights is the best way to do so. We’ll weave in different shades to get that multidimensional, natural look.

Honey blonde hair


Cream Blonde

If you love the idea of straying from ash blonde but don’t like warm tones, cream blonde is perfect for you.

Cream blonde is bright and filled with pearly, white shades, similar to the colour of vanilla ice cream. It’s very glamorous and adds so much life and shine to the hair.

You can get cream blonde in many ways, whether you want a full on scalp bleach, or would prefer a balayage to incorporate your natural colour.

Cream blonde hair

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde: it’s a classic, and for good reasons! You really can’t get more blonde than platinum, so if you constantly crave going lighter, platinum blonde might be your savior.

It mainly consists of white and silver shades, so it’s definitely on the cooler side. If you love some glimmers of metallic gray in your hair, platinum will be sure to get you there.

Since you need a very blonde base to go platinum, you’ll either need a full head of highlights or a scalp bleach. This way, the majority of your hair strands will be lightened, helping you achieve the lightest blonde possible.

Vanessa hudgens platinum blonde hair

Source: @vanessahudgens 


Dark Blonde

Going from one extreme blonde to another, let’s look at dark blonde. It’s not for everyone, as usually every blonde always craves going lighter every time. However, if you have a taste for subtlety, this might be the option for you.

The beauty of dark blonde is that it’s pretty customisable in terms of warmth. It’s a little lighter than light brown, but still bright enough to call blonde.

If you want to add some extra sparkle to your dark blonde, we can place a few highlights throughout your lengths.

Dark blonde hair


Ash Blonde

So about earlier…we want to make it clear that we still LOVE ash blonde! After all, it’s popular for a reason. 

If you’ve been living under a rock, ash blonde is a shade which has hints of gray and very cool undertones. It’s cream blonde’s smokier, sexier sister, if you will.

There are a variety of options to pick from in order to achieve ash blonde. It looks great paired with a dark root, or we can take that blonde right up to the root with highlights.

Ash blonde hair


Caramel Blonde

Are you feeling hungry yet after hearing all of these food-related names? Well, this next one is truly delicious.

Caramel blonde is a stunning shade that sits closely to dark blonde, except it has sunkissed caramel hues running through it. It’s definitely on the warmer side, and can look more beachy or more chestnut depending on how much you love warm tones.

Our favourite way to do caramel blonde is with a balayage. Nothing beats a seamless blend of those gorgeous caramel tones.

Caramel blonde hair kylie jenner

Source: @kyliejenner


Beige Blonde

We’ve gone through blondes that are either cool or warm toned, but here’s a blonde for our neutral lovers: beige blonde.

Beige blonde is the perfect inbetween that will suit just about anyone. It’s not too golden or too ashy, and is comparable to sandy blonde.

Again, beige blonde looks fabulous as a balayage, but we also love a full head of the colour.

Beige blonde hair


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