Which hair colour matches my eyes?

Which hair colour matches my eyes?

27 November 2020 | Tincture and Colour

Change is good. Something new is a welcomed distraction in everyday life – especially after a lockdown. 

If you’ve managed to avoid cutting a fringe or the temptations of home box dye but decided that now’s the time to switch up your hair colour, then you might be wondering, what hair colour is best suited to me?

We’ve all seen a few “interesting” examples of what doesn’t work with friends and family. Even though you politely said you loved your aunt’s new look, you secretly mouth “OMG” to the rest of your family. How many times have you seen home hair disasters on TikTok and Facebook from people like Brad Mondo? The professionals are professionals for a reason!

So how do you avoid hair colour mistakes? First, we’d recommend talking to a professional before experimenting with bold colour changes at home. Secondly, you can find out which hair colour suits you best by looking at your skin tone and eye colour. 

Skin Tones – Warm or cool undertones

The same hair colour can achieve different looks, depending on the warm and cool undertones in the skin. There are several indicators that can help you determine the undertone of your skin:

1. Check the veins on your wrists. If they seem blue you likely have cool undertones in your skin and if they seem green you likely have warm undertones

2. Do you look better with gold or silver jewellery? If you feel golden jewellery matches your type better, your skin probably has warm undertones, respectively silver compliments skin with cooler undertones.

3. How does your skin react to the sun? If you tan easily you likely have warm undertones while frequent sunburns and redness indicate cooler ones.

4. For makeup lovers, do you prefer blusher or bronzer? Bronzer will lean more to warm and blusher more to cool.

5. When you look at your wardrobe, what colours do you tend to wear more? Consider how these will match your new hair colour. All these factors contribute in a consultation, so make sure that your stylist is finding out as much as they can about you!

What hair colour suits blue eyes?

Warm undertones: Rich browns, golden blonde and even copper tones are a good choice. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you could opt for red or violet shades.

Cool undertones: Deep brunettes, vanilla blondes or muted brown and platinums are your perfect fit. Bolder choices include powder blue and lavender. 

What hair colour suits green eyes?

Warm undertones: Green eyes are complemented by cinnamon, burnished golds, copper and some light shades of red. Alternatively, a deep brown could make your eyes pop. Popular choices include mahogany and chestnut. 

Cool undertones: Intense colours can look absolutely brilliant on you. Pick anything from blonde, brown and red hues and combine it with the right highlights. For example taupe and ash. 


What hair colour suits brown eyes?

Warm undertones: Brunette hair with light highlights like coffee or caramel will make your Bambi eyes shine. Equally interesting are earthy blond shades like honey, dark strawberry blonde or auburn blonde. 

Cool undertones: Opt for lighter colours like oat or champagne blonde to reach perfect results and make your eyes the centre of your look. 

What hair colour suits hazel eyes? 

Warm undertones: Rich chocolate and chestnut browns will look great on you. We also recommend bronde, burgundy or dark mahogany hues. 

Cool undertones: Consider champagne or mink blonde or anything between golden blonde hair to light brown. For darker depths think more mushroom or frosted brown.

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to consider the right colour choices. But if you’re unsure we’d always recommend talking to a professional. 

Their trained eye will know immediately if you’re the strawberry or rose blonde type. They will also define the colouring technique to perfect your look and can recommend anything from balayage to bleach. 

Ready for a change? We’re proud to be a Wella Colour Salon, so you’re in good hands. Consider our Colour me Complete  or Light me Luxe Package to add the right care to your new look. And don’t hesitate to give us a call: 01992 581105